Cordyceps Sinensis

Cordyceps sinensisCordyceps sinensis is also called Chinese caterpillar fungus, and a rare tonic herbs of folk customary in our country, its nutrients than ginseng, can be used as a medicine, also edible, is excellent cuisine, has the very high nutritional value. Cordyceps sinensis can enhance the body’s immunity, nourishing lung, kidney, has obvious inhibitory effect on lung cancer, liver cancer, etc. In clinic for lung deficiency chronic cough, asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis hemoptysis, night sweats, kidney waist knee ache, impotence, spermatorrhea, neurasthenia, and the red blood cells after chemotherapy, radiation therapy, decline has curative effect.

A combination of Chinese caterpillar fungus is a kind of insect and fungi. Worm is cordyceps bat moth larvae, the bacterium is cordyceps fungus, when midsummer, 3800 meters above sea level snow mountain meadows, melting ice, body small body take the bat moth will be thousands of eggs on leaves. Then moth eggs into a small bug, into wet loose soil, absorbs the nutrition of plants roots, the body gradually raise white fat. At this time, the spherical ascospore in cordyceps locates moth larvae, in insect body interior, absorb its nutrition, sprout hypha. When cordyceps bat moth larvae food to have leaves will become the Chinese caterpillar fungus cordyceps fungi.

Larvae by fungal infection, gradually moving to 2 to 3 cm from the surface, under the head and tail, and die. This is called the “winter worm”. Larvae is death, the body of fungi is increasingly growing, until the full of the worm. Minister of the late spring and early summer next year the worm’s head out of a purple grass, about 2 to 5 cm tall, with pineapple shape at the top of the capsule shell, this is the “summer grass”. Caterpillar fungus at this time to the full, effective ingredients, the highest in the body is the best season to collect. Qinghai, Tibet, yunnan diqing, first is one of the leading producer of Chinese caterpillar fungus.

The traditional Chinese caterpillar fungus how to eat

1. Boil the water when the tea to drink

Cordyceps sinensis should not bubble water to drink, but should be boiled water to drink, the right way to cook winter worm is, to add water about a cup of Chinese caterpillar fungus, with a small heat for 10 minutes, and then immediately pour the water out to drink, then add water for 10 minutes, poured out after the drink, again add water to boil, add boiled, like this repeatedly until the cordyceps boiled water.

2. With meat to eat

Caterpillar fungus stew out of taste is continous sweet, eat Chinese caterpillar fungus and meat stew is the best, but it is important to note that Chinese caterpillar fungus can not be too long, stew for caterpillar fungus nutrition lost so easily

3. Research powder taking

If disrelish the caterpillar fungus drink boiled water or stew trouble, there is a very simple and convenient method, is the Chinese caterpillar fungus with grinder to grind into powder, and then loaded into the capsule, so that it can be convenient to carry, can regularly taken every day.


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