24 Healthy Life Tips

1.   Arrange your work and life regularly, harmonious your family and happy mood.

2.   Develop good living habits on personal hygiene and environmental protection.

3.   Exercise regularly with each time more than 30min and at least 5times a week.

4.   By walking rather than cycling, cycling rather than taking buses, and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators.

5.   Don’t sit still too long, and have relax for 10min per hour.

6.  Drink water at least 500ml per day, and not exceeds 3000ml every day.

7.  Having a rich breakfast is very important.

8.  Every day, vegetables, fruits, cereal and legumes shall take up more than 2/3 of food.

9.  Eat appropriately with suitable intake and nutritious food combination. Limit high-fat food and preferably have light food.

10.  Drink soup before meals. The best time to have fruits is between 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

11.   Reduce the intake of cooking oil and salt. Prefer to have 25g cooking oil every day and 6g salt maximally.

12.   The intake of cholesterol every day shall be less than 300mg, which is equal to one and half egg yolks.

13.  Have physical examinationregularly, and often examine your weight, blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

14.  Judge disease symptoms correctly, have medicine timely, meanwhile consult with health professionals.

15.  Senior citizens shall establish hobbies of life.

16.  When administrating OTC medicines for self-medication, please read drug inserts carefully.

17.   Don’t rely on sleeping pills.

18.   Sort out your medicine box or cabinet per 3 months, and dispose appropriately the expired medicines.

19.   Children should administrate children dedicated medicines, and it is not advisable to give children the reduced dose of adult medicines.

20.  Clean teeth on morning, evening and after meals.

21.   Don’t stay up late with might and main.

22.   Use computer properly, protect your eyesight and keep youngsters from being shortsighted.

23.  No smoking.

24.   No drinking or drinking properly.



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