If in sorching summer, sweat is commonplace.But some people, no matter the summer still is winter, eat meal, do something, or a little nervous and sweating heavily, this may be some diseases at work.

In medicine, hyperhidrosis can be divided into the whole body sweat .

The whole body hyperhidrosis

By the febrile disease, metabolic disease, and mental factors, etc.

Hypoglycemia: can lead to the patient is pale, sweating, limbs tremor, etc.

Patients with thyroid function hyperfunction: in addition to afraid of hot sweat, but also have increase appetite, eat more, instead, angular, defecate number increase, flustered, mental tension and other symptoms.

Diabetes: due to the merger plant nerve function disorder, often have a sweat phenomenon, in the patients with food, drinks, polyuria, weight loss and other symptoms.

Pheochromocytoma: common symptom is dripping sweat, paroxysmal sweat more, sustainable sweating, sometimes also can appear flustered, hand shake, limbs cold, attacks are often accompanied by obvious increased blood pressure.

In addition, patients with high blood pressure and menopausal women also can appear sweat.

Partial hyperhidrosis:

From khan: often perspire in the day, and after the event, caused by qi deficiency or Yang deficiency, can take the product of removing undertake recuperating.

Sweat out, night sweats, falling asleep, wake up, the sweat, see more at Yin fire, of a long illness, especially in the most common tuberculosis patients.

Nasal khan: each in the emotional, mental stress, work hard, speak too much sweat, sweat from the bridge of the nose and on both sides of the nose.See more at allergic rhinitis and low immunity, easily having a cold.

The forehead sweat: sweat out limited to brow, even sweat such as steam heat, see more at what sun be the spirit body slants hyperthyroid and digestive function.

Half body sweat: refers to the bust sweat, while the other half without sweat and sweat a little.See more at the young hypertensive encephalopathy, renal hypertension, stroke, hemiplegia, paraplegia patients.

Come khan: refers to the heart of the middle part and two breast sweat, more because of worry and thought, surprise, fear and hurt and lungs caused by too much.Common knowledge of excessive intellectuals.

Perineum khan, the sweat out limited to perineum and genital area, common in department of gynaecology of vulva pruritus, vaginitis, etc, may also appear sweat smell of perineum.

Armpits khan: sweat such as fox SAO odour, axillary region of large sweat gland secretion caused by abnormal.See more Yu Qing, middle-aged, more women than men.

Half head sweat: the whole head to the nose is divided into two and a half, half head sweat, the other half head drops of sweat.Husband and wife knew after this system because of a serious illness, Yin and Yang double deficit and feeling cold.

Brothers heart khan: develops in nervous or excited or speaking in public, often in adolescent onset, mostly spirit is depressed.

In addition, patients with high fever “zen” khan (seer of shivering body, and then the sweat out), the critical condition of “sweat” off (sweat not), are the danger signs of disease, should be paying attention.


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