Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) Characteristics

Drugs of sheen, sweet, sour, bitter and salty five different taste, different ingredients have different therapeutic effect.In addition, there are weak, astringent taste, light attached to gansu, sour and astringent effect are similar, not another light acerbity, is based on five tastes.
1, bitter taste Taste spicy hot or cool and refreshing feeling, some incense, spread to nourish, line qi and kidney strong sun, temperature, suitable for such symptoms, qi and blood stasis syndrome, cold poliomyelitis, Yang kui, etc.Such as herba schizonepetae, basil, dried tangerine or orange peel, radix aucklandiae, angelica, turmeric, leek, common cnidium fruit, dodder, etc.
2, grape Taste sweet taste, can reconcile the spleen and stomach, benefit qi and blood, pain, and is suitable for the body weak, the function of disease, and some of the detained cramps and pain and can mediate medicinal properties, such as liquorice, dangshen, prepared rhizome of rehmannia, caramel, yellow liquor, wolfberry fruit, etc.
Mild can wet permeability, water, treatment of edema, diarrhea, drench turbidity, retention of urine, urination disease, such as poria cocos, grifola, alisma.
3, acid (dry) has the effects of convergence, solid acerbity, suitable for spontaneous sweating, night sweats, long xie rectocele, frequent urination, incontinence, spermatorrhea taken down, ren blood disease, etc.Such as keel, oysters, dogwood, ChiShi refers to, yu surplus grain, opium poppy, mulberry butterfly, Alaska, raspberry, Gordon euryale seed, lotus seed, Cherokee rose, Chen brown coal, cranes, etc.
4, the bitter taste Can be heat-clearing and detoxifying, dry wet, purging fire, blood gas, aperient, apply to the fever, damp heat syndrome, carbuncle swollen ulcers, asthmatic cough, ou evil disease, such as mountain Zhi, rhubarb, rhizoma coptidis, sophora, almond, magnolia bark, etc.
5, salty To soft firm fights to dive, purging purge, liver Yang, for constipation, scrofula phlegm nucleus, the thyroid, liver Yang headache and dizziness, such as seaweed, kelp, glauber’s salt, desertliving cistanche, antelope horn, haliotis, etc.


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