TCM How to Diagnose Disease Trough Lip

Wet dry lips ruddy moderation, gastrointestinal health.

Lips blue Chinese medicine known as “purple purple”, this is a sign of oxygen to the body or drug poisoning.Often accompanied by complexion dark red or pale, chest tightness is not comfortable or flustered shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Refers to the oral cracked lips appear crack or fissure, called “lips dry crack,” is a symptom of vitamin B2 deficiency and Yin deficiency fire.

Upper lip sere as the colon lesions, accompanied by halitosis mouth rash, ear nose can’t wait for a symptom.

The characteristics of the lip color white for blood deficiency, blood circulation is weak, the winter cold limbs turned purple, if malnutrition, daily life, easy to cause anemia.

Lips pale for e. cold, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal cramps, hot and cold symptom such as severe occasional.

Can appear lower lip was pale as the stomach cold, diarrhea and vomiting, stomach cold, stomach pain and other symptoms.

Lower lip lower stomach heat, and stomach pain, abdominal distension and other symptoms.

Red red lip inside something, quick temper easily.

Inside the lip yellow signs of hepatitis, liver and gallbladder must be bad.

Lip color red fever, heart, respiratory inflammation.

Lip color dark and turbidity of digestive system dysfunction, you then constipation, diarrhea, headache, insomnia, loss of appetite, etc.


6 Kinds of Food for Nourishing Blood

1, nourishing buffets – chinese yam
Mountain ingredients, cool, into the lung, spleen and kidney, compendium of material medica says it has to match tonify deficiency profit loss of function, the acknowledgement in the qing dynasty Chen Xiuyuan has explained the function of the yam, said it air into the lungs, gan into the spleen, blood and spleen system, the main limbs, blood and spleen is not hungry, limbs balloon;The main gas, gas filling in a lung is the intellectual man fit, gas for the multiplication of;Again because of the quality of a material is thick and sticky, can fill, kidney essence is enough strong Yin, prolong life.Modern pharmacological studies suggest that yam contains saponins, glycoprotein, tannins, check right element, yam alkali, choline, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., have the effect that induce interferon, have certain anti-aging material base.Yam, therefore, it can raise blood tonifying qi, tonify deficiency treatment and prolong life.
2, amaranth,
Amaranth are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin k, have promote clotting, increase and improve the ability of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin content, promote hematopoietic effect and so on.Amaranth carotene contained more than 2 times the solanaceous fruit above, can provide rich nutrients for human body, is beneficial to strengthen physical health, improve the body’s immunity, is called “longevity food”.And do not contain oxalic acid in amaranth, contains calcium, iron, enter human body is easy to be absorbed after use.
3, spinach,
Spinach is a famous blood tonic food.Among them, spinach contains rich in iron, carotene and folic acid are very good to the health of human body.
4, longan
Longan with tonifying spleen blood tonic, bushing sedative effect, can treat insomnia, forgetfulness due to qi deficiency can lead to discomfort, such as is also a kind of good have smoked in the qi and blood.If women in the physiological period after physical weakness, also can tone up in longan.
5, red jujube
Red is a well known fill qi and blood.Jujube contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic acids, vitamin a, vitamin c, calcium minerals and so on the many kinds of amino acids and nutrients, for women’s health and beauty is good.
6, donkey-hide gelatin,
Gelatin has enhanced physique, improve sleep, brain puzzle, regulate the menstrual function spuc, anti-aging effect, can improve the woman the immunity of the body, and help control because of the circulation of qi and blood, or blood deficiency caused by various diseases, blood, moist skin at the same time.

24 Healthy Life Tips

1.   Arrange your work and life regularly, harmonious your family and happy mood.

2.   Develop good living habits on personal hygiene and environmental protection.

3.   Exercise regularly with each time more than 30min and at least 5times a week.

4.   By walking rather than cycling, cycling rather than taking buses, and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators.

5.   Don’t sit still too long, and have relax for 10min per hour.

6.  Drink water at least 500ml per day, and not exceeds 3000ml every day.

7.  Having a rich breakfast is very important.

8.  Every day, vegetables, fruits, cereal and legumes shall take up more than 2/3 of food.

9.  Eat appropriately with suitable intake and nutritious food combination. Limit high-fat food and preferably have light food.

10.  Drink soup before meals. The best time to have fruits is between 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

11.   Reduce the intake of cooking oil and salt. Prefer to have 25g cooking oil every day and 6g salt maximally.

12.   The intake of cholesterol every day shall be less than 300mg, which is equal to one and half egg yolks.

13.  Have physical examinationregularly, and often examine your weight, blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

14.  Judge disease symptoms correctly, have medicine timely, meanwhile consult with health professionals.

15.  Senior citizens shall establish hobbies of life.

16.  When administrating OTC medicines for self-medication, please read drug inserts carefully.

17.   Don’t rely on sleeping pills.

18.   Sort out your medicine box or cabinet per 3 months, and dispose appropriately the expired medicines.

19.   Children should administrate children dedicated medicines, and it is not advisable to give children the reduced dose of adult medicines.

20.  Clean teeth on morning, evening and after meals.

21.   Don’t stay up late with might and main.

22.   Use computer properly, protect your eyesight and keep youngsters from being shortsighted.

23.  No smoking.

24.   No drinking or drinking properly.


Four Herbal Soup

Autumn drink soup is the best way of keeping in good health, we are all love to drink soup, when you eat, a bowl of soup is very nutritious.Autumn is very dry, this time we need to eat some runfei food, so for the prevention of disease has played a very good effect.

Apricot sword pig lung soup
Material: south almonds 12 grams, 30 grams of sword spend one (bright sword 250 grams), glazed date 2, 500 g fresh pig lung.
Practice: first the fresh pig lung lavage with clear water clean, cut thick;South almonds slightly immersed in warm water to skin, rinse;Sword flowers washed with clear water infiltration,;After all things ready, south apricot, sword, jujube, pig lung, placed in a pot, add some water, with high heat, first with cook cook for 1 hour, after seasoning.
Efficacy: this soup can summer hot and can runfei cough.Qing dual standby.
Dried vegetables duck kidney jujube soup
Material: kidney four preserved duck, pig  500 grams, 250 grams of cabbage, jujube for four.
A cut: dehydrated vegetables;Preserved duck renal macerated with warm water, cut into pieces.The pig  wash.Put all the materials in a pot, add water right amount, high heat after boiling, slow fire boil for about 2 ~ 3 hours.
Efficacy: dried vegetables can pass the disappear of intestines and stomach, the gas;Chen renal function under the heat gas;And talk on a pig, clearing lung heat, eliminating phlegm fire, the effect of the intestines and stomach, suitable for dry cough without phlegm, pharynx dry mouth, dry, and people of stool stem node.
Siraitia grosvenorii snow pear soup
Material: snow pear, herbal tea, red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, rock candy.
Wash and cut into pieces: snow pear;Herbal tea, red jujube, wolfberry fruit, wash, a small hole in the abstract.Put all these materials and rock sugar in the pot, add water and cook for half an hour.
Efficacy: fructus momordicae snow pear soup, can runfei cough, beauty to raise colour, drink is of great benefit to the body, pear is “hundreds of cases of fruit”, because of its fresh and juicy, sweet, and so there is “natural mineral water,” said.Pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, expectorant cough, curing sore throat.
Tremella jujube soup
Material: tremella 20 g (about half), red jujube 20, rock candy 60 grams (according to the taste of each add weight reduction).
Practice: put tremella water found on, take off her head, tear into small pieces, with red jujube, rock sugar into the pot, add water bowl, after the fire boil, convert and cook for half an hour, can be shut down.
Efficacy: with a big red jujube soup, in now, red jujube boil soup filling body not only, still can runfei cough, for people with colds cough, drink some red jujube boil soup is very good, the tang dynasty jar is agreeable freedom by the recorded the will effect the book will be red date and tremella soup with rock sugar, can cough runfei.

In Autumn Office Ladies How to Eat to Lose Weight

Weight loss seems to be the topic of women a year the four seasons, although already is going to spend the hot summer, enter into the cool autumn, but the great cause of weight loss is to stick to it, otherwise efforts will fall short in the summer.So, women should eat what food in the autumn, can make oneself lose weight won’t bounce back?
1, do not eat Fried food
Food is Fried class let’s number one killer of body fat.Even if is itself a great, healthy meal, after Fried, of quantity of heat also is very high, became unhealthy food.So you’d better eat less Fried food, usually at the time of cook, also try not to take the way of Fried.
2, prepare a bowl when we eat outside to oil
Outside in the restaurant, they in order to increase the delicious food, usually at the time of cooking, to add a lot of seasoning and oil inside, so keep eating is bad for our health.So everyone eating outside of time, might as well prepare a bowl, put some water inside, eat the food in a bowl, rinse rinse, do so it will make the food is smaller on the palate, but reducing the intake of fat can help to control.
3, when eating noodles to eat noodles in soup
Many people like to eat noodles, but everyone in the choice, it is important to note that the noodles in soup contains quantity of heat, there were fewer than chow mein and cracker dough so if conditional word, try to choose to eat noodles in soup, can reduce the intake of fat.
The above is our usual some matters need to pay attention to when you eat.Want to lose weight successfully, it is a very long thing, especially need to be on diet control, otherwise has no effect reducing weight to us.

Nourishing the Lung and Kidney

Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, together with ginseng and pilose antler is tied for the three tonics. Because of low yield and rarity cordyceps sinensis become a treasure in medicine.

TCM think cordyceps sinensis has warm in property with sweet taste. It can complement deficiency, strengthen Qi, nourishing kidney and protecting lung, reducing phlegm and stop bleeding. It is suitable for patients with cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, asthenia and night sweats. Modern research found that cordyceps sinensis has effects on obvious improve immunity and preventing cancer, which makes the cordyceps sinensis become worth a hundred times. In addition, cordyceps sinensis contains component of expanding bronchial smooth muscle, so it can relieve asthma.

Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis is extremely popular in folk. It can, and tonify lung and benefit essence and raise the lung with stopping asthma.


You can choose about 1500 grams of old duck, pull hair, celiotomize and take out the internal organs. You can wash the duck and use chopstick as the size of the bamboo to tuck cordyceps sinensis into a small cave in a duck’s back. Then you can put into the pot to steam and add salt. People with impotence due to deficiency of the kidney, spermatorrhea, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, anemia and deficiency after disease can eat Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis , and they also can grinder dry cordyceps sinensis into powder and steam with eggs.

Cordyceps sinensis soak with wine and the effect is good.

Specific method:

You can put 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis in a container, add 500 grams of liquor, and seal for soaking 3 days. And then you can immediately drink, daily 1 – 2 times and 10 grams. It is suitable for the illness in frail health, fatigue and weakness, impotence, backache, cough and other symptoms.

The quality of in Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan are the best. And North Cordyceps sinensis Produced from Jilin, Hebei and Shaanxi also can be used in medicine, but the quality is not as good as the former. People should pay attention to the selection.


Clear Toxins of Body


For detoxification with health way, traditional Chinese medicine also has a good effect. The key if you have found a way for detoxification. For those who have stubborn acne on face and constipation, it is worth recommending.

Eat patchouli for stomach to prevent toxin

The patchouli has tepid in property with spicy taste. It enters spleen, stomach and lung meridians. Modern pharmacological studies have demonstrated that patchouli contains volatile oil.  The main components of oil are methyl chavicol and limonene, which can promote gastric juice secret and increase digestion, so that toxins of body will be smoothly discharged from the intestinal

Asparagus cochinchinensis can moisten lung and remove fire

Asparagus cochinchinensis is chill in property with little bitter. Dry one is hard and brittle and wet one is soft and sticky. It can nourish yin and moisten lungs, relieve cough and remove phlegm, which can effectively put the toxins out of the lungs and reduce pathogenic fire and help excretion. It can treat tuberculosis, pus and blood, phlegm and cough, breathlessness, diabetes, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, feet with hot pain, yin deficiency with fire. Decoction, the amount is generally 6 to 15 grams.

Decoction of Chinese angelica to clear intestine and stomach

Angelica is warm in property with sweet and pungent taste.  It can relax bowel. It is used for constipation due to blood deficiency and dry intestine. Eating can enhance gastrointestinal absorption function and promote metabolism and help to the discharge of body wastes. At the same time, sweet and warm property can promote blood circulation and nourish blood. It can maintain the normal circulation of body blood and help blood detoxification. Decoction, the amount is generally 5~15 grams.

Rangooncreeper Quisqualis can promote digestion

Quisqualis is warm in property with sweet taste. It enters spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians. It has effects on eliminate parasite, removing food retention, strengthening spleen. The sweet and warm property can help promote digestion, removing food retention with excess liquid to smooth. It can help to clear toxin out of body. Quisqualate can effectively treat infantile malnutrition, indigestion and loss of appetite.

Material: 30 grams of quisqualis, 0.3 grams of peeled sunburn officinalis, 0.3 grams of tangerine peel, 0.3 grams of rhizome,

Method: grind into fine powder and mix thoroughly, and use honey to modulate into the pill as size of bean. Above 3 years old children every time take 2 and children lower than 3 years old take 1 grain each time and deliver with rice soup