In Autumn Office Ladies How to Eat to Lose Weight

Weight loss seems to be the topic of women a year the four seasons, although already is going to spend the hot summer, enter into the cool autumn, but the great cause of weight loss is to stick to it, otherwise efforts will fall short in the summer.So, women should eat what food in the autumn, can make oneself lose weight won’t bounce back?
1, do not eat Fried food
Food is Fried class let’s number one killer of body fat.Even if is itself a great, healthy meal, after Fried, of quantity of heat also is very high, became unhealthy food.So you’d better eat less Fried food, usually at the time of cook, also try not to take the way of Fried.
2, prepare a bowl when we eat outside to oil
Outside in the restaurant, they in order to increase the delicious food, usually at the time of cooking, to add a lot of seasoning and oil inside, so keep eating is bad for our health.So everyone eating outside of time, might as well prepare a bowl, put some water inside, eat the food in a bowl, rinse rinse, do so it will make the food is smaller on the palate, but reducing the intake of fat can help to control.
3, when eating noodles to eat noodles in soup
Many people like to eat noodles, but everyone in the choice, it is important to note that the noodles in soup contains quantity of heat, there were fewer than chow mein and cracker dough so if conditional word, try to choose to eat noodles in soup, can reduce the intake of fat.
The above is our usual some matters need to pay attention to when you eat.Want to lose weight successfully, it is a very long thing, especially need to be on diet control, otherwise has no effect reducing weight to us.


Nourishing the Lung and Kidney

Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, together with ginseng and pilose antler is tied for the three tonics. Because of low yield and rarity cordyceps sinensis become a treasure in medicine.

TCM think cordyceps sinensis has warm in property with sweet taste. It can complement deficiency, strengthen Qi, nourishing kidney and protecting lung, reducing phlegm and stop bleeding. It is suitable for patients with cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, asthenia and night sweats. Modern research found that cordyceps sinensis has effects on obvious improve immunity and preventing cancer, which makes the cordyceps sinensis become worth a hundred times. In addition, cordyceps sinensis contains component of expanding bronchial smooth muscle, so it can relieve asthma.

Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis is extremely popular in folk. It can, and tonify lung and benefit essence and raise the lung with stopping asthma.


You can choose about 1500 grams of old duck, pull hair, celiotomize and take out the internal organs. You can wash the duck and use chopstick as the size of the bamboo to tuck cordyceps sinensis into a small cave in a duck’s back. Then you can put into the pot to steam and add salt. People with impotence due to deficiency of the kidney, spermatorrhea, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, anemia and deficiency after disease can eat Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis , and they also can grinder dry cordyceps sinensis into powder and steam with eggs.

Cordyceps sinensis soak with wine and the effect is good.

Specific method:

You can put 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis in a container, add 500 grams of liquor, and seal for soaking 3 days. And then you can immediately drink, daily 1 – 2 times and 10 grams. It is suitable for the illness in frail health, fatigue and weakness, impotence, backache, cough and other symptoms.

The quality of in Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan are the best. And North Cordyceps sinensis Produced from Jilin, Hebei and Shaanxi also can be used in medicine, but the quality is not as good as the former. People should pay attention to the selection.


Not Necessarily to Drink Heat Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has curative effect on multiple treatment and remission of disease. Most people like traditional Chinese medicine to fill body, but you know what kind of decoction of traditional Chinese medicine is? Do you know how to drink Chinese traditional medicine? Do you know what the best time to drink traditional Chinese medicine is?

The role of Chinese medicine is very big. Some people immediately drink after decocting well the traditional Chinese medicine. Does people drink hot traditional Chinese medicine have the best effect?

“Medicine is OK, drink it with the heat!” this is a lot of people’s experience of Chinese traditional medicine, so, is there the reason?

Parts of the traditional Chinese medicine are bad to drink in heat. It will have the effect after cooling.

Theory of traditional Chinese medicine for oral decoction temperature is very strict. 10 kinds of instructions about how to take medicine and it is specific to the syrup temperature. There are three kinds of temperature: warm-taken decoction, hot-taken decoction and cold-taken decoction.

Warm-taken decoction, hot-taken decoction and cold-taken decoction

The warm-taken decoction is that drink decoction with warm temperatures.  General decoction of Chinese medicine should be “warm- taken decoction”, namely immediately filtered medicine juice out after decoction. Drink with room temperature in 30 Celsius degree to 37 Celsius degree. Medicine like pill and powder should be taken in warm water, which is a kind of warm- taken decoction.

Hot-taken decoction is that immediately drink when medicine decocted well. Treat cold syndrome with hot natured drugs, which appropriate to take in heat. For example, traditional Chinese medicine of dispelling wind and cold should be taken in heat. And then people can eat hot porridge and hot water to help potency.

Cold-taken decoction is that drink with cold temperature. Generally, medicine for clearing heat and relieving toxin, especially which can relieve summer-heat will have better effect by cold-taken decoction.

Patients with vomiting or poisoning should take in cold. In the south of China, t people often take some of the herbal tea in summer. In fact, it is also a kind of Chinese traditional medicine. Just as its name implies, a lot of tea drink in cool. Cool tea will have better effect in relieve summer-heat. However, taking the decoction which should not take in cold can cause gastrointestinal irritation to cause abdominal pain and diarrhea or vomiting.

In complex pathological process, when disease develop to severe stage, people use special medication methods to adapt to the condition of special needs, for example, syndrome of “real heat with false cold” should use method that “cold medicines take in heat” to adapt to the condition changes. In the case of a syndrome of “real cold with false heat” should approach to “hot medicines take in cold” to adapt to the condition of the transformation.

Otherwise, it often causes that the drug resistance after taking the drug, which will lead to no treatment effect. From the point view of TCM, heat syndrome more appear that fever, thirst, dry stool, yellow and short urine, red tongue nature, yellow tongue fur and fast pulse. And cold syndrome appear that chills, no sweat, cold pain in the abdomen, pale tongue, white and thin moss.

In short, traditional Chinese medicine should be taken in cold or heat according to the circumstances of the specific analysis. The treatment of fever can be taken in cold, and the treatment of cold syndrome should be taken in heat. Patients can control the temperature according to their own situation. However, for the sake of caution, the patient should ask about the use of traditional Chinese medicine after getting the medicine.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a common acute or chronic connective tissue inflammation, which can recurrent attacks and get involved in the heart. As to the clinical, features of joints and muscles are the migration of the heavy, sour and pain. Chinese medicine called the disease as “three kinds of arthalgia “. According to the sense of different pathogens and the main clinical manifestations, there are “migratory arthralgia”, “arthritis”, and “damp arthralgia “. Its pathogenesis is mainly caused by disorders of wind, cold and dampness, which results in sluggish blood running and blockage of channel

  1. Angelica and rose in the treatment of arthritis

Materials: 20 grams of rose, 15 grams of angelica, 10 grams of safflower

Methods: you can decoct the above materials 2 times with every time 300 ml of water for half an hour. You can mix the twice juice, and take with the hot rice wine 2 times.

Functions: it can invigorate the circulation of blood with removing blood stasis and relieve pain. It applies to acute and chronic rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis.

  1. Pinellia and frankincense powder in the treatment of acute rheumatic arthritis

Materials: 20 grams of pinellia, 20 grams of angelica, 18 grams of frankincense, 20 grams of myrrh, 30 grams of safflower, 15 grams of radix aconiti preparata and 15 grams of radix aconiti agrestis.

Method: you can decoct with water and wash with fumigation.

Function: It can treat acute rheumatic arthritis.

  1. Stephania tetrandra and unprocessed rehmannia root in the treatment of acute rheumatic arthritis

Materials: 15 grams of cocculus trilobus, 15 grams of unprocessed rehmannia root , 9 grams of cassia twig, 12 grams of radix sileris, 6 grams of licorice, 15 grams of notopterygium root, 30 grams of caulis lonicerae or 30 grams of cacumen tamaricis, 30 grams of dandelion and 30 grams of wild chrysanthemum.

Method: water decoction.

Function:  It can treat acute rheumatic arthritis.

  1. Atractylodes and coix seed in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

Materials: 30 grams of fried atractylodes, 30 grams of radix cyathulae, 30 grams of angelica, 15 grams of raw coix seed, 6 grams of golden cypress, 30 grams of radix gentianae macrophyllae, 15 grams of caulis lonicerae, 30 grams of pawpaw, 30 grams of mulberry tablets, and 5 grams of raw licorice

Method: water decoction.

Function: It can treat rheumatic arthritis.

  1. loofah and wine in the treatment of rheumatic joint pain

Materials: 50 grams of loofah, 500 grams of white spirit.

Method: you can put loofah into white spirit to soak for 7 days and then drink without residue. Each you can drink 15 grams. Drinkers can drink 30-90 grams with 2 times a day. It is in treatment of joint pain.

Functions: clearing and activating the channels and collaterals. It can treat rheumatic arthralgia.

  1. Coix seed and bighead atractylodes rhizome in the treatment of damp lumbago

Materials: 24 grams of coix seed, 15 grams of bighead atractylodes rhizome.

Method: water decoction.

Functions: it can treat damp abdominal pain

  1. Lignum millettiae in the treatment of rheumatic lumbago

Materials: 9 grams of lignum millettiae, 9 grams of lycopodium clavatum.

Method: water decoction.

Function: it can treat rheumatic lumbago.


Clear Toxins of Body


For detoxification with health way, traditional Chinese medicine also has a good effect. The key if you have found a way for detoxification. For those who have stubborn acne on face and constipation, it is worth recommending.

Eat patchouli for stomach to prevent toxin

The patchouli has tepid in property with spicy taste. It enters spleen, stomach and lung meridians. Modern pharmacological studies have demonstrated that patchouli contains volatile oil.  The main components of oil are methyl chavicol and limonene, which can promote gastric juice secret and increase digestion, so that toxins of body will be smoothly discharged from the intestinal

Asparagus cochinchinensis can moisten lung and remove fire

Asparagus cochinchinensis is chill in property with little bitter. Dry one is hard and brittle and wet one is soft and sticky. It can nourish yin and moisten lungs, relieve cough and remove phlegm, which can effectively put the toxins out of the lungs and reduce pathogenic fire and help excretion. It can treat tuberculosis, pus and blood, phlegm and cough, breathlessness, diabetes, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, feet with hot pain, yin deficiency with fire. Decoction, the amount is generally 6 to 15 grams.

Decoction of Chinese angelica to clear intestine and stomach

Angelica is warm in property with sweet and pungent taste.  It can relax bowel. It is used for constipation due to blood deficiency and dry intestine. Eating can enhance gastrointestinal absorption function and promote metabolism and help to the discharge of body wastes. At the same time, sweet and warm property can promote blood circulation and nourish blood. It can maintain the normal circulation of body blood and help blood detoxification. Decoction, the amount is generally 5~15 grams.

Rangooncreeper Quisqualis can promote digestion

Quisqualis is warm in property with sweet taste. It enters spleen, stomach and large intestine meridians. It has effects on eliminate parasite, removing food retention, strengthening spleen. The sweet and warm property can help promote digestion, removing food retention with excess liquid to smooth. It can help to clear toxin out of body. Quisqualate can effectively treat infantile malnutrition, indigestion and loss of appetite.

Material: 30 grams of quisqualis, 0.3 grams of peeled sunburn officinalis, 0.3 grams of tangerine peel, 0.3 grams of rhizome,

Method: grind into fine powder and mix thoroughly, and use honey to modulate into the pill as size of bean. Above 3 years old children every time take 2 and children lower than 3 years old take 1 grain each time and deliver with rice soup

With autumn coming, try 6 medicinal diets about donkey-hide gelatin to nourish blood


With the coming of the beginning of autumn, summer heat dissipated. People’s agitated mood also gradually quiet. Summer physical consumption will repair back in the autumn. In autumn and winter, a person’s skin and muscle are more dense, sweat out becomes less, metabolism reduces and energy consumption increases. Intake of nutrients is easy to be absorbed and be latent, so as to play a bigger effect. So autumn is the good season to supplements.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks that supplements in autumn and winter can balance yin and yang, harmonize qi and regulate blood. Supplements in autumn and winter can reinforce the vital essence and strengthen the primordial qi, restore the body upright, dispel disease, eliminate pathogen, make the body of yin, yang, qi, blood and body fluid get full, which can let the body enter to the best condition.

  1. Donkey-hide gelatin and rice wine.

Materials: 250g donkey-hide gelatin and 30ml rice wine.

Method: steam without water for about two to three hours. When donkey-hide gelatin is completely dissolve, take out. Take one or two times a day and every time takes two spoons.

Function: this recipe is suitable for general blood deficiency syndrome. On this basis, add in rock candy and stew to dissolve. It can treat woman irregular menstruation, the water more than, pregnancy bleeding and postpartum general weakness. If continue to add a moderate amount of jujubes, walnut flesh, black sesame seed, etc., which has good curative effect on the man body weakness, anemia, heart palpitations, dizziness, short of breath. Also improve the symptom such as neurasthenia, insomnia and dreaminess.

2, sesame seed, walnut and donkey-hide gelatin paste

Materials: 150g donkey-hide gelatin, 350ml rice wine, 250g rock candy and appropriate amount of black sesame and walnut kernel.

Method: mash donkey-hide gelatin and soak in rice wine for one week. After donkey-hide gelatin become spongy, add water to stew donkey-hide gelatin and add appropriate amount of black sesame and walnut kernel and rock candy. Steam for one hour and stir. When cool, it will become paste. Take one or two spoons every morning and evening. Soak with warm boiling water.

Function: It is good for people with soreness of waist with sensation of chill, tinnitus, yin deficiency and kidney deficiency.

3, ginseng, longan and donkey-hide gelatin paste

Materials: 150g donkey-hide gelatin, 350ml rice wine and appropriate amount of ginseng, longan and rock candy.

Method: soak donkey-hide gelatin in rice wine for one week. After donkey-hide gelatin become spongy, add water to stew donkey-hide gelatin and add appropriate amount of ginseng, longan and rock candy to cook for 1 hour. When cool, it will become paste. Take one or two spoons every morning and evening.

Function: it is used for qi deficiency, weakness, fatigue, palpitation and intolerance of cold.

4, honey, egg and donkey-hide gelatin paste

Method: stew a moderate amount of donkey-hide gelatin and add an egg and a spoonful of honey. Take once with an empty stomach.

Function: it has better curative effect on cough with weakness.

5, donkey-hide gelatin porridge

Materials: 15g donkey-hide gelatin, 100g rice or millet and 50g rock candy.

Method: smash donkey-hide gelatin and soak with boiling water and dissolve. Add in porridge and stir thoroughly. After boiling once, it will cook well.

Function: it has the effect on invigorating blood and nourishing the liver. It can be used for regulation-invigoration due to weak body after illness.

6, donkey-hide gelatin and jujube soup

Materials: 10 jujubes and 6g donkey-hide gelatin.

Method: put jujubes in pot and add water to cook. Add mashed donkey-hide gelatin and dissolve. Put right amount of brown sugar.

Function: nourish blood and tonify spleen. It is used for deficiency of lung and heart, palpitations insomnia, etc.

People with a cold, cough, diarrhea or menstruation should stop taking donkey-hide gelatin. People with indigestion and bleeding with stasis are forbidden to take. In addition, donkey-hide gelatin cannot be used with carrots, strong tea, etc.

Traditional Chinese medicine teas for relaxing bowel

Constipation shows an obvious reduction in defecation times. Take one every 2 to 3 days or longer time with disorder, hard stool and a sense of difficulty in defecation.

The cause of constipation is more complex. In general, there are organic constipation and functional constipation. Organic constipation often come s from the organic wrong in gastrointestinal tract, such as hemorrhoids, proliferative intestinal tuberculosis and intestinal tumor. People must be in the full treatment of organic disease, they can obtain the basic remission. Functional constipation mainly refers to the elderly’s internal organs function has occurred physiological decline, intestinal motility. The diet is too fine and dietary fiber in food is less, which lead to fecal retention in the intestinal tract is not easy to discharge, thus forms constipation.

When people get constipation, they can drink Chinese herbal tea to relax bowel. Such as, cassia seed tea, honey and cassia seed tea and American ginseng tea and so on.

The treatment of constipation of two Chinese herbal medicines: herba cistanches and cassia seed.

In the clinical, often use two kinds of traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of senile constipation and the effect is good without too much side effects. One is herba cistanches and another one is cassia seed.

Herba cistanches: it is warm in property with sweet taste. Invigorate the kidney and yang, nourish essence and blood and relax bowel. It has gentle texture and middle medicinal property. Pharmacological research shows that herba cistanches can prolong the lifespan of drosophila melanogaster, and can lower blood pressure and enhance immunity. Herba cistanches contains inorganic salts and polysaccharide with hydrophilic gum can promote intestinal peristalsis and promote defecation. Use herba cistanches to cook porridge or soup has effects on prevention and treatment of senile constipation.

Cassia seed: clear heat, promote eyesight and relax bowel. Commonly used in Chinese medicine to treat bloodshot eyes, astringent pain, photophobia, delacrimation, headache, dizziness, dark eyes, constipation and other disease.

Chinese herbal teas for relaxing bowel:

  1. Cassia seed tea:

Function: treat constipation or habit constipation

Materials: 10 – 15 grams of fried cassia seed and 10 grams of rock candy.

Method: brew with boiling water. Take daily 1 agent with each agent soaking three times. For senile habitual constipation, take cassia seed 15 grams, mash, and directly soak tea.

  1. Cassia and honey tea:

Materials: 10 – 15 grams of crushed fried cassia seed and 20 – 30 grams of honey.

Method: decoct with water for 10 minutes and mix honey. In every morning take l agent or take in the morning and evening.

  1. American ginseng tea:

Materials: 3 grams of American ginseng and cassia seed.

Method: for disease of the elderly constipation with qi deficiency, soak American ginseng and cassia seed together.

Function: Old people drink the tea, not only relax bowel, but also to improve eyesight, lower blood pressure, regulate lipid and other health care function.