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Recommend five Chinese herbal medicines for reinforcing vital energy in winter

  1. Ginseng

Reinforce vital energy and strengthen and nourish body. It also has an effect on anti-aging. It is used for body weakness due to macronosia, palpitation, cold limbs, shortness of breath, collapse, heart failure, neurasthenia and other diseases to improve immunity and promote rehabilitation disease.

About the methods of eating ginseng, people can cut it into pieces, contain it in the mouth until it soften and then chew and swallow. In addition, it is can be soaked in liquor. Take a two ginseng with some medicine of nourishing yin, such as goji berry, and soak in the wine. Take daily small doses to drink. It can tonify qi and nourish yin.

  1. Astragalus

Tonify Qi, lift yang, boost essence, secure the exterior, disinhibit urine and dispel swelling. It is applicable to the spontaneous sweating, night sweats, edema, fatigue with internal injuries, spleen deficiency, diarrhea, anal prolapse, and all syndromes with qi and blood deficiency.  However, people with high fever, thirst, constipation and other excess heat syndromes are forbidden to take.

Often soak astragalus with water as tea to drink, which has a good effect on health care. Astragalus tea can nourish middle energizer, tonify qi, improve qi deficiency and anemia, enhance physical fitness and prolong life. Add goji berry, radix codonopsis, and poria to soak with liquor together, the liquor will have a better effect.

  1. American ginseng

Invigorate qi, nourish yin, clear fire and promote the secretion of fluid. It is suitable for cough due to lung deficiency, chronic cough, dyspnea with cough, hemoptysis and aphonia. People with fatigue due to strenuous exercise and sweating with collapse are forbidden to take.

American ginseng can nourish qi, which is cold in property. Thus, it cannot get excessive internal heat for take for a long time. It is especially suitable for people with deficiency of qi and yin. Those people can cut American ginseng into slices, or go to the drugstore to buy some ready-made American ginseng slices, every two day takes two pieces and put in mouth to contain until the American ginseng slices soften and then spit it out or swallow. This is the simplest method.

  1. Radix codonopsis

Tonify the middle energizer, nourish qi, promote the secretion of fluid and promote the circulation of blood. It is commonly used in fatigue due to qi deficiency, shortness of breath, palpitation, poor appetite, loose stools, thirst due to injury of fluid and qi, sallow complexion due to deficiency of qi and blood, dizziness, body weakness after disease and malnutrition.

Radix codonopsis with astragalus for the treatment of sweat and heat of body due to qi deficiency in spleen stomach, dried mouth with thirst, happy with the hot and headache, chills, lack of qi and no desire to speak, poor appetite, limb weakness, pale tongue with light color, large virtual pulse, or prolapse due to deficiency of qi in middle energizer and yang deficiency, uterine prolapse, chronic dysentery, malaria and other diseases.

  1. Atractylodes

Strengthen spleen, tonify qi, clear dampness, disinhibit urine, check the sweat and prevent miscarriage. It can be used for poor appetite due to spleen qi deficiency, loose stools, lassitude, spontaneous perspiration, phlegm and retained fluid and edema due to retention of water-damp, spleen deficiency and weakness due to encyesis and foot swelling.


Saffron Crocus

Safflower saffron, saffron.Saffron dry stigma of irides plants.Originating in Spain, in countries such as 藏红花Iran, Saudi Arabia planting also has a long history.
Saffron unique magical effect, by Chinese and foreign medicine is widely used in the prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, vasculitis, myocardial infarction, anaemia empty, menoxenia, postpartum bleeding, aches, injuries and diseases such as neurasthenia, horrified to madness.Saffron is medicine and food plants, is the world’s most expensive medicinal plants, and high-grade spices.
Sexual flavour and return the: gan, ping.For centering, liver.
Functions and indications: huoxue huayu, cooling blood detoxification, resolve depression nerves.Poison for amenorrhea, postpartum YuZu, spot, melancholy, horrified to crazy.
Usage and dosage: 1 ~ 3 g, decoction or boiling water to soak clothes.Note: if pregnant.
On the west safflower tea 
Recommended dosage: take on the west safflower filaments six to eight root, with boiled water after soaking.
Conditioning: yangxue blood tonic, row poison to raise colour, enhance immunity, also can be applied to the elderly health care keeping in good health.
“On the west safflower mask”
Formula: safflower 3 g, angelica dahurica 10 grams, 10 grams of peach blossom.
Conditioning: whitening skin, boost skin luster and elasticity, anti-wrinkle, spot, resistance to oxidation and aging skin.
Usage and dosage: do facial mask powder, modulation with honey.The qua876920_150401218000_2ntity of the above for 1 day, every night before bed apply face, 7 days for a period of treatment, apply face to wipe before allergy tests in the wrist.

Formula: American ginseng 6 grams, on the west safflower 1 g, 4 g notoginseng powder, broken wall 4 grams upon maturity of lingzhi only.
Use method: powder a blunt, middle-late three points before taking, with better effect of cordyceps sinensis.
Function: used for various treatment and prevention of cancer, can significantly improve the life quality of patients with radiation and chemotherapy.
【 overhand ufa 】
40 grams of formula: on the west safflower 3 g, poria cocos, 40 g of fleece-flower root, mulberry 60 grams, 40 grams of gynostemma, 40 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 40 grams of walnuts, sesame 40 grams.
Method of use: powder, before sleeping in the evening a blunt, 15 days for a course of treatment.Role: yangxue kidney, prevent hair loss, ufa.

American Ginseng—–Xi Yang Shen

American ginseng(xi yang shen) is a very nourishing ingredients, which has many  magical efficacy and function. Then do you know what is the effect of American ginseng and function?Do you know how to eat American ginseng?

American ginseng contains saponins kind of active ingredients, and ginseng saponins contained similar composition.

American ginseng has obvious of the central nervous inhibition, and oxygen resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance to stress.

On the cardiovascular system have anti-arrhythmic, against myocardial ischemia, increased myocardial blood flow and reduce the effect such as coronary resistance, and stop bleeding, diuresis, fall hematic fat, uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock resistance, and enhance the body’s immune function, and so on.

First, do not drink tea when taking American ginseng, because it can reduce the absorption of active ingredients of ginsengwith tannic acid in tea, can reduce the absorption of active ingredients of ginseng.

Second, after taking American ginseng, do not eat turnip, because of radish body’s qi.

Third,  it is not good of taking  for those who are insufficiency of spleen-YANG, and often has  stomach-ache or diarrhea.

Today there are some American ginseng herbal diet.

1. American ginseng porridge                          西洋参粥
American ginseng 3 grams, radix ophiopogonies 10 grams, lophatheri herba 6 grams, 30 grams of rice.First water frying the radix ophiopogonis and lophathri herba, then slag to take juice, add rice to boil, when it cooks well , adding with American ginseng.

This porridge is nourishing Yin and qi, clear heat, and the role of the stomach, to be agitated of qi and Yin deficiency, dry mouth, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.

龙眼饮2. Ginseng longan drink
American ginseng slice of 3 grams, 30 grams of longan meat, candy 5 grams. Put the three in a bowl and steam. Add water  at right amount, cage steam for two hours, to dilute paste, dish up for drink.

This drink is nourishing Yin and blood, ziyin sedative effect, for the two virtual, glove due to insufficiency of qi and Yin palpitation, insomnia forgetful brain failure, face lips pale white, etc.


3.  Ginseng walnut soup
胡桃唐American ginseng 15 grams, walnut, 2 slices ginger.To make American ginseng as raw powder, walnut mash, 250 ml water decoction together to drink, swallow frequently before sleep.

This soup is beneficial stomach, qi anti-asthma effect, for lung and kidney empty, not of gas caused by the long out of shortness of breath, even can’t lay down.Elderly asthma syndrome of kidney Yin deficiency of lung, YouYi taking this product.