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Saffron Crocus

Safflower saffron, saffron.Saffron dry stigma of irides plants.Originating in Spain, in countries such as 藏红花Iran, Saudi Arabia planting also has a long history.
Saffron unique magical effect, by Chinese and foreign medicine is widely used in the prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, vasculitis, myocardial infarction, anaemia empty, menoxenia, postpartum bleeding, aches, injuries and diseases such as neurasthenia, horrified to madness.Saffron is medicine and food plants, is the world’s most expensive medicinal plants, and high-grade spices.
Sexual flavour and return the: gan, ping.For centering, liver.
Functions and indications: huoxue huayu, cooling blood detoxification, resolve depression nerves.Poison for amenorrhea, postpartum YuZu, spot, melancholy, horrified to crazy.
Usage and dosage: 1 ~ 3 g, decoction or boiling water to soak clothes.Note: if pregnant.
On the west safflower tea 
Recommended dosage: take on the west safflower filaments six to eight root, with boiled water after soaking.
Conditioning: yangxue blood tonic, row poison to raise colour, enhance immunity, also can be applied to the elderly health care keeping in good health.
“On the west safflower mask”
Formula: safflower 3 g, angelica dahurica 10 grams, 10 grams of peach blossom.
Conditioning: whitening skin, boost skin luster and elasticity, anti-wrinkle, spot, resistance to oxidation and aging skin.
Usage and dosage: do facial mask powder, modulation with honey.The qua876920_150401218000_2ntity of the above for 1 day, every night before bed apply face, 7 days for a period of treatment, apply face to wipe before allergy tests in the wrist.

Formula: American ginseng 6 grams, on the west safflower 1 g, 4 g notoginseng powder, broken wall 4 grams upon maturity of lingzhi only.
Use method: powder a blunt, middle-late three points before taking, with better effect of cordyceps sinensis.
Function: used for various treatment and prevention of cancer, can significantly improve the life quality of patients with radiation and chemotherapy.
【 overhand ufa 】
40 grams of formula: on the west safflower 3 g, poria cocos, 40 g of fleece-flower root, mulberry 60 grams, 40 grams of gynostemma, 40 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 40 grams of walnuts, sesame 40 grams.
Method of use: powder, before sleeping in the evening a blunt, 15 days for a course of treatment.Role: yangxue kidney, prevent hair loss, ufa.


Take Dinner More Healthier

8724787_154240190106_2Having dinner too full, eat too late and too blue…These are bad habits of office workers.Don’t think this is the little things just don’t care, in the past for a long time in our body will appear a lot of serious diseases.

For dinner seems to be less mentioned let everybody how to eat healthier, and it is often mentioned to dinner should eat less, but instead of a lot of people is more exquisite than lunch, dinner eat better, in fact, after dinner will soon enter the break time, about digestive problems, therefore how to eat more need to be pay attention too.

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, “discomfort in stomach, bad for sleeping”.If dinner too much, will inevitably cause gastrointestinal burden, the stress work information to the brain, make the person insomnia, much dream, as time passes, easy cause neurasthenia and other diseases.  

The middle-aged if dinner is too full for a long time, repeatedly stimulating insulin, tend to cause insulin beta cells burden, and failure, induced diabetes.Dinner too full at the same time, there must be some protein can’t digest absorb, in under the action of gut bacteria can produce toxic substances, and sleep peristalsis slow, relative to extend the residence time of these substances in the gut, may promote the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

After dinner, it is not  good to taking sweet food.This is because the liver, adipose tissue and muscle activity, such as glucose metabolism in different stages, 24 hours a day will have different change.In principle, the activity of the metabolism, as the change of the sunlight intensity and change;The body has strongly influenced by rest or active state.