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Some traditional Chinese medicines for treatment of diabetes


The major effect is to nourish qi. There is a theory believes that, qi deficiency is the major cause of diabetes, so the key for the treatment of diabetes is to nourish qi. In addition, modern medicine also proves that astragalus polysaccharides have bi-directional regulation of blood sugar.

Radix salviae miltiorrhizae:

Invigorate the circulation of blood, promote the circulation of blood, cool the blood and nourish blood. Also can remove blood stasis and free the network vessels. Radix salviae miltiorrhizae contains a variety of tanshinone, which can significantly improve the glucose metabolism, reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Paeonia lactiflora:

Clear heat, cool blood and remove blood stasis. Modern pharmacology proved that it can improve resistance of insulin, reducing blood sugar and lower blood lipid

Goji berry:

Chinese literature records that goji berry can tonify kidney, nourish the liver, cure yin deficiency of liver and kidney and treat diabetes. In recent years, the study also shows that goji berry has a good effect on lowering blood sugar.

Coptis Chinensis:

It is cold in property with bitter taste. Mainly clear heat. It can be used for patients with diabetes with internal heat symptoms.

Radix rehmanniae:

Nourish yin and clear heat. It can lower blood sugar reposefully.

Chinese yam:

Nourish kidney and qi, tonify qi and relieve consumptive thirst.


Calm the mind, protect liver, lower blood sugar and prevent bacteria.

Of course, it should be noted that, as one Chinese medicine of the prescriptions, any one of the above herbs is not a panacea, which can not be brought alone. When dispense medicines, the doctor should accord to the specific conditions of patients to combine with other herbs. Thus, comprehensive treatment can play to good effect.


Therapeutic effects and methods of rhizoma atractylodis


11771Suitable crowd: people with yin deficiency, internal thermal and bleeding are forbidden to take. People with deficiency of vital energy and hidrosis sjould take carefully.

Therapeutic effects: rhizoma atractylodis is warm in property with acrid and bitter in taste. It enters spleen and stomach meridians. It has effects on eliminating dampness, strengthening spleen, expelling wind, clearing cold and improving eyesight. It is used for the spleen and stomach being stranded by dampness, abdominal distension, vomiting, diarrhea, morbid drench turbidity, plague malaria, malaria, cholera, exogenous rheumatic, pain or numbness due to cold-dampness, beriberi, flaccid paralysis and night blindness.

Rhizoma atractylodis cannot be used with coriander and garlic.

  1. Rhizoma atractylodis and pawpaw pills

Materials: 500 grams of rhizoma atractylodis( soak in washing rice water for five nights, cut into pieces, dry by baking and then grind into powder ) and one pawpaw(put in a porcelain bowl, put on steamer to steam well and then remove peel and core.)

Method:  grind pawpaw into paste and mix with rhizoma atractylodis. Make it into pills as size of semen firmianae and then dry by baking. Take some yellow wax on a small cooking pan with handles and spout to heat, put medicine in the yellow wax, mix thoroughly, and then put in sift. Use paper gasket to roll over.

Function: prevent aging and maintain beauty.

  1. Rhizoma atractylodis and wax gourd soup

Function: strengthen spleen, eliminate dampness, dispel wind and relieve exterior syndrome.

Materials: 15 grams of rhizoma atractylodis, 15 grams of rhizoma alismatis, 250 grams of wax gourd, 500 grams of lean pork and appropriate amount of ginger, salt and chicken essence.

Rhizoma atractylodis can lower blood sugar and reduce blood lipid to lose weight. rhizoma alismatis can clear damp and promote diuresis, which has obvious effects on treat hyperlipemia, diabetes, fatty liver, apoplexy in convalescent period. Wax gourd is a good product for losing weight. This soup can lose weight and keep health.


  1. Wash rhizoma atractylodis and rhizoma alismatis. Cut wax gourd into small cubes after washing. Wash lean pork and cut into small cubes.
  2. Add water in the pot and cook water to boil. Add lean pork and scald the blood place.
  3. Put rhizoma atractylodis, rhizoma alismatis, wax gourd, ginger and lean pork in marmite. Add some water and cook with strong fire to boil and then use soft fire to cook for one hour.


Wolfberry: Clearing Liver,Iproving Vision & Lowering Blood Pressure

  1. Night blindness and blurring of image

Method: you can soak 6 grams of wolfberry and 6 grams of white chrysanthemums with water and instead of tea.

  1. Hypertension and diabetes

Method: you can decoct 15 grams of wolfberry and instead of tea every day. Often take will be effective.

  1. Thirst at night

Method: the older can chew 30 grams of wolfberry after washing every night. Continuously take 10 days will be generally effective. If it is necessary, it can be taken for continuous use.

  1. Deficiency of the liver, eye pain, tearing on exposure to wind, and cataract

Method: you can soak 250 grams of wolfberry with fit amount of yellow rice wine in the altar. After being sealed 1-2 months, you can drink fit amount every day and 2 times a day.

  1. Relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization

Method: you can wash 10 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of longan flesh, 4 red dates and 100 grams of rice with water to cook congee. This recipe has a good effect on treating deficiency of blood and agrypnia. It is proper to eat usually.

  1.  Barrenness of male

Method: men can chew 15 grams of wolfberry every night. A month is a course of treatment. Men also can take several courses of treatment. During take medication, men should appropriately forbid sexual abstinence.

  1. Obesity

Method: you can brew 30 grams of wolfberry with boiling water every morning and evening.  Taking continuously four months can achieve better slimming effect and no side effect.

  1. Diabetes

Method: you can chew 100 grams of wolfberry after steaming. You can take 10 grams each time and 3 times a day. It can be long-term taken, which can reduce blood sugar and relieve thirst.

  1. Pregnancy vomiting

Method: you can brew 50 grams of wolfberry and 50 grams of scutellaria with boiling water in the porcelain with cover. When it becomes warm, you can frequently drink. After drinking over, you can use boiling water to continuously brew until cure.

  1. Chronic atrophic gastritis

Method: you can bake wolfberry from Ningxia and to smash and then package. You can daily chew 20 grams and 2 times when you have empty stomach. 2 month is 1 treatment course.

11 black hair

Method: you can decoct 100 grams of wolfberry and 12 walnut seed, 100 grams of small black beans with appropriate amount of water. When it becomes boiling, you can put in the refrigerator. Take 15-30 grams in daily morning and evening after heating.

12. Presbyopia

You can refer to the following recipe: take a spoonful of high-quality wolfberry and brew with boiling water. When two or three minutes later and the water temperature are slightly cool, you can put a spoon of honey and stir. Drink one cup every morning and evening.  After two months, it will be effective.

It is worth reminding that you should choose the high-quality wolfberry. If you find it has flavor of alcohol, you should not use it.  You can eat wolfberry throughout all year. You might as well try more.



Chinese Wolfberry-Folk Prescription to Treat Diseases

12106414_191202752002_2Chinese wolfberry is a kind of health food, health effect, used to purge toxins in liver. Clear liver bright eye is widely known as a kind of health care function, in addition to this, Chinese wolfberry for high blood pressure, diabetes, also have certain curative effect. Below small make up to you to take some Chinese wolfberry folk prescription medicine, hurriedly to rise up the knowledge.

1 night blindness, eyesight

Medlar 6 grams, 6 grams, white chrysanthemum tea bubble water generation.

2 high blood pressure, diabetes

Daily use medlar 15 grams, decoct soup generation tea, secret effectively.

3 used to treat old man thirst at night

Take medlar 30 grams wash every night after chewing, even served 10 days generally effective, continuous use when necessary.

4 liver sore eyes, see the wind tears, and say that clear eye, cataract, etc

Medlar 250 g, rice wine in moderation, immersed in the altar, seal after 1 to 2 months, after each eclipse, right amount drink, 2 times a day.

Five Chinese wolfberry nerves available Chinese wolfberry longan porridge

Take medlar 10 grams, 15 grams of longan pulp, red jujube 4, 100 grams of japonica rice, wash water boil congee. The party has good effect for blood deficiency of insomnia. Appropriate often feed.

6 for the treatment of male infertility

Rinse medlar 15 grams of chewing on every night, to take a month for a period of treatment, also for taking a few courses, medication during section should be appropriately offspring.

7 for the treatment of obesity

Take medlar 30 grams a day cleaning, use boiling water when tea YinFu, sooner or later all the time, even served four months can obtain good lipid-lowering effect reducing weight, and no side effects.

8 for auxiliary treatment of collateral (diabetes)

Medlar 100 grams wash, steamed chewed, 10 g each time, 3 times a day, can be long-term use, can accept auxiliary fall blood sugar and check out.

Nine Chinese wolfberry kidney can choose Chinese wolfberry sheep kidney soup

Medlar 30 grams, sheep kidney, after adding water and seasoning boil stew, soup to eat kidney. Chinese wolfberry tonify deficiency of the key in the kidney, kidney empty lumbago curative effect is distinct, appropriate is used to accompany a meal.

Ten medlar brain can choose Chinese wolfberry sheep brain injection

Take 250 grams of medlar, sheep brain a, put into the container, add salt, green onion, ginger, cooking wine, steam cooked. Add rocky MSG with a little seasoning until they are eaten. Appropriate table of food.

11 the pregnancy vomiting

Barbary wolfberry fruit, radix scutellariae, 50 grams each. Buy with cover in the porcelain jar to boiling water immersion, stay warm time YinFu, reusable after drink boiling water, for the degree.

12 chronic atrophic gastritis

Wash and drying break repackaging, choose the ningxia wolfberry fruit 20 grams per day, 2 after chewing on an empty stomach, 2 months for a course of treatment.