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Dosage and Usage of Traditional Chinese Medicine

The dosage of Chinese medicinal herbs.

The meaning of dosage is the amount of every herb the adult take each day  .2 dosage says : in the ancient times there are weight, measurement, capacity, quantity, etc.Since the Ming and qing dynasty, which USES 16 carry, now our country of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) measurement using the metric system.3. Determine the size of the dose based on: mainly based on the need of the properties, clinical use of drugs used, and the patient’s specific circumstances to determine, should also consider the season, climate and natural environment to live.[medicine] quality of medicinal materials: high quality.Medicinal material quality of a material: Mosaic class qualitative light, stone, shellfish quality heavy amount of drugs should be heavy.)[people] 1. Age 2. Gender (3) the strength of different 4. The length of the course of different 5. Even the weight of different 6. Professional, the differences between the living habit, etc

The using of the Chinese medicinal herbs, including the Chinese herbal Chinese herbal medicine’s  administration way, application forms, medicine decoction method and method.The delivery system. Method is one of the factors influencing drug efficacy.In addition to the oral and skin for two kinds of main ways, and inhaled, administered under the tongue, mucosal drug delivery and rectal administration.“Application form”, in traditional Chinese medicine formulations for oral medicinal broth, pill, powder, wine, zi preparation, dew;For skin soft paste, hard preparation, powder, Dan agent, inunction, soaker, fumigant;And for the use of body cavity of suppository, medicine, tincture, and so on.Dosage form has a great influence on the effectiveness: the same drugs, dosage form different, efficacy may be very different (strength or different nature) decoction method. 1. Tisanes must clarify no smell, clean water, containing minerals and less impurity.2. Add water shall be the water absorbing capacity, decoction in the process of evaporation and decoction after the required quantity is the sum of the solution.3. Can be Fried soak before full dissolution of active ingredients decoction can shorten the time and avoid the decocting time is too long, cause excessive effective component loss or damage.4. Appropriate temperature and decoction time.5. Marc juice: one Fried good * hot poured out 7. Immediately after decocting number: in general, a dose of medicine can be Fried, three times at least should be Fried twice.8. Special decoction method.

Medicine  methods :1. Duration: in the morning, before eating, after dinner, the specific time (2) how much medication: general medicine disease, with a daily agent, per dose points two or three suits.Condition in the person that weigh, can take the medicine every four hours.Diaphoretic, xie remedy to the case, such as it is stronger, medication should be enough is enough.Vomiting frequency medication should be small.Medicine 3. Hot and cold: general clothing liquid form more appropriate temperature, for the pill, powder, such as solid agent, unless otherwise specified, appropriate is used generally warm boiled water