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Properties of Chinese Herbs

 The basic cure principle of Chinese herbal medicine

why people get sick? Traditional Chinese Medicine think, the occurrence of any disease process is due to pathogenic factors acting on the human body, causing the body partial tide of Yin and Yang, the result of dysfunction of zang-fu organs and meridians.  

Why Chinese herbs can cure? The prevention of Chinese herbal medicine treatment  function: to eliminate pathogenic cause, centralizer thrift, coordinate the function of zang-fu organs and meridians, which are able to correct the partial tide of Yin and Yang, to make the body back to a balance of Yin and Yang of the normal state. 

Medicine is how to treat diseases ? Is due to their various drugs and has several characteristics, predecessors also called drug biased.The biased by the medicine to explain the basic principles of drug action. 

 The effect of Chinese herbal medicine including

Therapeutic effect and adverse effects.The therapeutic effect of Chinese herbal medicine is also known as the effect and ill-effect;Adverse effects including side effects and toxic effects of Chinese herbal medicine, there is a difference between the two.(a) Chinese herbal medicine have side effects?1. The generation of side effects and drug biased about 2. More important is because of Chinese herbal medicine often have a number of roles.Treatment using one kind of or part of the role, other effects become side effects.(2) the difference between the side effects of Chinese herbal medicine and toxic effects of side effect refers to the commonly used dose of has nothing to do with the treatment needs of discomfort.Is generally mild, harmful to the body is not big, can disappear after drug withdrawal.Toxic effect refers to the drug after damaging effect, an organism is often due to excessive dosage or medication time is too long, also has close relationship with the physical factors.Fully and correctly use the therapeutic effect of Chinese herbal medicine, try to avoid adverse effects, which is to ensure that drug safe and effective, it is a basic principle of clinical application. 

Chinese herbal medicine’s properties and characteristics

The meaning of the Chinese herbal medicine’s properties is the basic properties and characteristics of the effect of Chinese herbal medicine.The performance of the Chinese herbal medicine, also known as medicinal properties.Medicinal theory is the core of Chinese medicine theory, mainly including four, five, owned by it, lift off, toxicity, etc.(2) the performance of the Chinese herbal medicine and character are two different concepts.The performance of the Chinese herbal medicine is generalization of the nature and characteristics, the action of the Chinese herbal medicine is based on the body after the drug reaction induction, based on the human body as the observation object.Traits of Chinese herbal medicine refers to drug shape, color, smell, taste, texture, is a drug as the observation object.Completely different meaning, understanding of the two methods, not confusion. 

The meaning of four properties

Four properties is cold, heat, warm and cool. It reflects the herbs in influencing human of yang deficiency due to yin excess, not change of the role of orientation (nature), is one of the important concepts of show drug nature. From the determination of four gas 】 【 drug in the body by the reaction of the description and analysis made on the results, disease and fever as a benchmark.Cold medicine four gas role 】 【 fever, warm pills for han zheng.Cold LiangYao has clear heat purging fire, cooling blood detoxification etc;Warm in the medicine with warm fill fire Yang, cold and warm t2dm, hui Yang save inverse, and so on.Master medicinal property was not relationship with the drug efficacy 】 【 medicinal fever cannot be separated from the specific effect.Medicinal fever from a specific Angle drug properties are summarized.Medicinal properties not only reflect the nature of the drug a profile, rather than all aspects.Therefore, must be combined with other aspects of content. 

The meaning of five flavors

It means the real flavor of food and herbs. Sour,bitter,sweet, acrid or pungent-spicy and salty acid are the five most basic flavors.In addition to these, there are mild and astringency.Basic function, the effect of five tastes 】 【 simba scattered, acid and sweet, bitter and salty soft.1. Simba ─ ─ can, can do it, with aromatic drugs often labeled “xin”.2. Gump ─ ─ can fill, slow, and.Benefit, pain, and medicinal properties.3. The acid ─ ─ can accept, can acerbity acid, namely have convergent astringent effect.4. Bitter ─ ─ bitter to drain and dry, hard.5. Salty ─ ─ salty soft,, namely have soft firm fights have diarrhoea and aperient effect.