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The Place Origin and Gathering of Chinese Medicinal Herbs

The concept of genuine regional medicine

First, genuine regional medicine is the name of high quality medicinal materials. It refers to a long history and rich area, quality, production, processing fastidious, prominent curative effect, herbs with regional characteristics.

Second, the formation of genuine regional medicine (why medicinal herbs production has a certain regional)

1. The distribution and production of natural herbs can live without certain natural conditions.2. The natural geographical conditions in China is very complex, soil, climate, distribution of sunshine, biological, ecological environment around is not exactly the same, even the difference is very big.Therefore natural wood used medicinal materials production has a certain regional more, and there is a close relationship between origin and its yield and quality.3. The ancient medical doctors, after long-term using, observation and comparison, have a wide distribution know even the medicinal materials, but also because of the different natural conditions, produces, its quality fit and unfit quality, and gradually formed the concept of “Chinese”.The determination of Chinese drugs and medicinal herbs of origin, variety, quality and other factors, and clinical curative effect is the key factor.

Third, How to correctly treat genuine regional medicine

(1) long-term clinical medical practice has proved that attaches great importance to the quality of Chinese herbal medicine production and relationship, focuses on developing and application of Chinese drugs for guarantee the curative effect of Chinese herbal medicine, plays a very important role.(2) with the development of the medical enterprise, wood used herbs growing demand, coupled with a lot of medicinal material production cycle is long, production is limited, therefore, emphasize alone to expand production of Chinese drugs region, has been unable to meet the demand of medicinal materials.In this case, the medicinal materials of artificial cultivation and breeding become a important way to solve the lack of authentic medicinal materials.Such as: 1) the American ginseng in the domestic introduction 2) success gastrodia from guizhou now shaanxi large 3) artificial bezoar, artificial keeping deer take (3) Chinese drugs such as chopped is formed in the long-term production and practice, is not set in stone.1) environmental conditions change to take ginseng, ginseng northeast instead become a Chinese 2) rhizoma ligustici wallichii beginning to become authentic medicinal materials in the song dynasty.

Fourth, gathering and efficacy

The relationship between active ingredients of the medicinal herbs contain implied is the material basis for the prevention drugs has cure effect, and the quality and quantity of effective components and wood collection season, time and method of medicinal materials has a very close relationship.Or just before a. All grasses, flowers bloom in the harvest.Leafy, bud will put or harvest when are in full bloom, some, such as frost mulberry leaves, must be in late autumn or early winter collection after frost.3. Flowers, flowers are open harvesting, some flowers for picking the bud in bud.Some, such as honeysuckle, sophora japonica, magnolia flower.As for cattail pollen in pollen medicine, such as must to flowers in full bloom when the harvest.Four. The fruit and seeds, fruit mature or will mature, a few varieties of immature young fruit, such as plum, green husk, acid-insoluble ash.Five. The root and rhizome, early spring in February, the late autumn season, a few exceptions, such as pinellia tuber and rhizoma corydalis in summer harvest.