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24 Healthy Life Tips

1.   Arrange your work and life regularly, harmonious your family and happy mood.

2.   Develop good living habits on personal hygiene and environmental protection.

3.   Exercise regularly with each time more than 30min and at least 5times a week.

4.   By walking rather than cycling, cycling rather than taking buses, and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators.

5.   Don’t sit still too long, and have relax for 10min per hour.

6.  Drink water at least 500ml per day, and not exceeds 3000ml every day.

7.  Having a rich breakfast is very important.

8.  Every day, vegetables, fruits, cereal and legumes shall take up more than 2/3 of food.

9.  Eat appropriately with suitable intake and nutritious food combination. Limit high-fat food and preferably have light food.

10.  Drink soup before meals. The best time to have fruits is between 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

11.   Reduce the intake of cooking oil and salt. Prefer to have 25g cooking oil every day and 6g salt maximally.

12.   The intake of cholesterol every day shall be less than 300mg, which is equal to one and half egg yolks.

13.  Have physical examinationregularly, and often examine your weight, blood pressure, blood fat and blood sugar.

14.  Judge disease symptoms correctly, have medicine timely, meanwhile consult with health professionals.

15.  Senior citizens shall establish hobbies of life.

16.  When administrating OTC medicines for self-medication, please read drug inserts carefully.

17.   Don’t rely on sleeping pills.

18.   Sort out your medicine box or cabinet per 3 months, and dispose appropriately the expired medicines.

19.   Children should administrate children dedicated medicines, and it is not advisable to give children the reduced dose of adult medicines.

20.  Clean teeth on morning, evening and after meals.

21.   Don’t stay up late with might and main.

22.   Use computer properly, protect your eyesight and keep youngsters from being shortsighted.

23.  No smoking.

24.   No drinking or drinking properly.




Three-bean soup can remove the fire-evil, recover from fatigue and eliminate prickly heat.

What is the “three beans soup”?三豆汤

It consists of mung bean, phaseolus calcaratus and black soya beans.
Three-bean soup is sweet drink and tea with very good taste. When people can’t drink green bean soup, they can drink three-bean soup in summer. Mung bean soup have good effect on relieve summer heat, but it has cold in property. Thus, people with stomach and spleen deficiency-cold can not always drink. Three-bean soup just can adjust. In three-bean soup, mung bean and phaseolus calcaratus have effect on clearing heat with relieving summer heat and removing dampness through diuresis. As well as the black soya heat can strengthen spleen and tonify kidney. Mung bean and phaseolus calcaratus have cold in property, adding some black soya beans can offset their some cold.

Therefore, three-bean soup can not only clear heat with relieving summer heat, but also strengthen spleen with removing dampness through diuresis. As a result, people with the general health often eat the right amount of three bean soup, which will not affect the function of the spleen and stomach. For people with the particularly weak digestive function can add the right amount of rice into three beans, and then boiled porridge. It also have the effect on clearing heat and tonify spleen.

Three-bean soup can remove acne and eliminate prickly heat

Prickly heat is caused by clogged pores of the skin due to summer heat with dampness and dampness-heat of skin. Thus, people should prevent prickly heat. The first is to turn off the syndrome of summer-heat-dampness. The main effect of three-bean soup is to clear heat with relieving summer heat and strengthen spleen with removing dampness through diuresis, which can solve the prickly heat problem out. And children can be assured to drink.
Syndrome of summer-heat-dampness can cause prickly heat, scabies, acne and eczema. The main thing is that people will become particularly tired in summer without desiring to do any thing. It is not easy to stand the heat of summer. Often cook some three-bean soup to drink, these conditions can quickly ease.

Method for cooking three-bean soup三豆

Material: 20 grams of mung bean, phaseolus calcaratus and black soya beans, fit amount of rock candy

1 Wash beans and soak in water for 1 hour
2 Put three beans into pot, add appropriate amount of water, cook with the big fire until boil, turning a small fire for 1 hour. Until the beans become rotten, add rock sugar to cook for 5 minutes. Cool, and eat the soup with beans.

The elderly, children, and people with the bad stomach and intestine can add brown sugar (brown sugar has warm in property) instead of sugar. Three-bean soup can drink two times a week. It is the best time to eat during dog days. It can eat to the Limit of Heat.

Healthy Diet to The Obesity

Control staple food, limit the pure sugar and sweets.

For example, the original amount of food is large, the staple food can be used to decrease the law. Three meals of a day decrease 50 grams. Gradually, control the staple food in 250 to 300 grams per day. Slowly eat food and keep a habit of percent of seventy or eight full. To eat little or nothing about food contain excessive starch and sweet, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus starch, almond tea, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, malted milk, fruit juice, etc. The staple food would better mixed thickness grains with small grain.

Appropriately increase the supply of protein.

If people are without complications of kidney or heat, each kilogram of body weight can be supplied from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein. Protein has a high specific power to increase the heat consumption, which is conducive to reduce weight. Fish, shrimp, chicken, rabbit meat and animal pluck containing high protein and low fat, so calories below than pork. The bean product with little oil is also a good source of protein, and it has effect on reducing the blood lipid.

Incept suitable fat

People should incept suitable fat to increase the feeling of full abdomen, but should restrict to incept animal fat and saturated fat of cooking vegetable oil, due to it contain unsaturated fatty acids which can reduce serum cholesterol. Don’t eat fatty foods such as butter, cream, pastries, fat goose, roasted duck, peanut, walnut, oil fried food. Fat accounts for 20%-25% of the total calories of food should be appropriate.

Enough vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber.

Multiply use fresh fruits and vegetables and edible algae to increase the supply of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which can increase feeling of the full abdomen, maintain normal metabolism, reduce blood fat and prevent complications.

Drink water with appreciate amount, use less salt in summer, eat watermelon and tomato to quench thirst.

Watermelon water and wax gourd soup can be a diuresis. Excessive restriction of water intake can make fat people sweat gland disorder, which is not conducive to the regulation of body temperature, especially the urine concentration and metabolic residue is not easy to row net. Meanwhile, it can also cause polydipsia, headache, fatigue and other symptoms. Drink tea with fit amount, people can adjust humidity and regulate lipid metabolism. The dishes should be less salt, especially for people with obesity, hypertension and kidney disease should pay attention to light taste.

Abstinence and restriction of food containing purine

Alcohol has high heat and can promote fat deposition in vivo. Purine can increase the burden of intermediate metabolism with liver and kidney, which is bad for the fat people. Thus, fat people should avoid eating.

A reasonable diet system should not be less than three meals a day and regularly quantitative diet.

During two meals or feeling hungry before bed, people can eat some of the fruits with more water and less sugar. According to clinical observation, the amount of insulin secretion is generally the highest in the evening and the least in the morning. So fat people should eat more breakfast and eat less dinner, which can not only reduce the synthesis of fat, but also avoid inducing coronary heart disease.

The distribution of meal heat roughly like this: breakfast accounts for 25%~ 30% of the total calories, lunch is 35% ~ 40%, and dinner is 20% ~ 25%. In addition, two extra snacks accounted for 5%.