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What do you eat to nourish spleen and eliminate dampness?

Accumulate dampness will cause a lot of troubles.  Many people do not take it seriously, as time passes, people have accumulated a lot of pain. Actually, in daily life, as long as pay a attention to diet, dampness is not around you. Recommend a variety of soups to help against dampness.

Stew pork lean poria and imperata cylindrica

Functions: eliminate dampness, remove fatigue, clear heat and resolve toxin.

Materials: appropriate amount of fresh poria, 80 grams of imperata cylindrica, 10 red dates, 400 grams of pork lean, 3 pieces of ginger.

Method: wash all materials. Cut poria into blocks, cut imperata cylindrical into sections and remove red date’s nutlets. Put them with ginger into the clay pot, add 2500 ml water (10 bowls) and cook with strong fire until boiling. Change into soft fire for two hours and add appropriate amount of salt.

Radix Fici simplicissimae, chicken toe and pork chine soup

Function: benefit yang, strengthen spleen, eliminate dampness and strengthen the muscles and bones.

Material: 100 grams of Radix Fici simplicissimae, 6 chicken toes, 400 grams of pork chine, 3 pieces of ginger.

Method: wash all materials.  Remove chicken toes’ nails and smash. Crack pork chine. Put them with ginger into the clay pot, add 2500 ml water (10 bowls) and cook with strong fire until boiling. Change into soft fire for two hours and add appropriate amount of salt. This amount is appropriate for 3~4 people.

Stew Chinese yam, glutinous rice wine and chicken

Functions: eliminate dampness, dispel cold, strengthen spleen and calm the mind.

Materials: 25 grams of Chinese yam, 15 grams of goji berry, 10 grams of longan pulp (pharmacy sells), 50 ml of glutinous rice wine, one chicken (about 750 grams), 3 pieces of ginger.

Method: wash all herbs and slightly soak. Clear chicken and cut to the tail. Put it with the ginger into the pot, add cold boiling 1250 ml water (5 bowls) and stew for 3 hours with cover. Add appropriate salt.



How do people treat common cold? Traditional Chinese medicine help you cure.

Cold is the common disease in all year. With the weather changing, cold will attack human body.

Ginger and Garlic Soup

Materials: 30 grams of ginger, 20 grams of green garlic slices and 50 grams of brown sugar.

Functions: relieving superficies syndrome with pungent and warm natured drugs and dispersing lung qi and preventing toxin.

Indications: it is used for influenza and cold.

Methods: you can decoct the above medicine in a small pot for 30 minutes and remain 500ml juice. You can take once it before going to bed and continuously take 3 -6 times.

Powder of Dispelling Wind and Preventing Toxin

Material: 1000 grams of angelicae, 500 grams of liquorice, 1000 grams of tangerine peel, 1000grams of rhizoma atractylodis, 1000grams of tenuifolia and 1000 grams of ephdra vulgaris.

Function: coursing wind and dissipating cold, dispersing lung qi and preventing toxin.

Indications: it is used for cold, fever without sweat, headache with stiff neck, rhinobyon, cough and sore scleromere.

Method: you can bake the above material into dryness and grind into powder. Mesh screening and store in the bottom. You can take 2 times with warm boiling water every day.

Decoction of Nine Ingredients

Materials: 15 grams of Astragalus, 9grams of white rhizoma atractylodes, 6 grams of radix sileris, 9 gams of apricot kernel, 9 grams of medicated leaven, 9 grams of Pueraria, 6 grams of mint and 3 grams of liquorice and fistular onion stalk as guide

Function: tonifying qi and strengthening exterior and clearing heat

Indications: it is used for cold due to weak body, headache, rhinobyon, tears, sneeze, and aversion to wind and cough.

Methods: you can first soak the above material for 1 hour, and then cook to boil with strong fire. Every dosage can be decocted 2 times and separated into 2 parts to take. You can take after dinner.

Honeysuckle and Fructus Forsythiae Powder

Materials: 30grams of Honeysuckle, 30 grams of Fructus Forsythiae, 50grams of frostbitten mulberry leaf, 7 grams of herba menthae( later put into pot), 20 grams of rhizoma phragmitis, 24grans of isatis root, 7 grams of tenuifolia and radix sileris, 20 grams of mashed apricot kernel and 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata.

Functions: resolving superficies syndrome with pungent and cool natured drugs and clear heat.

Indications: it is used for anemopyretic cold. Symptoms: fever, headache, thirst, cough with yellow sticky phlegm.

Methods:  You can first soak the above material for half anhour, and then cook to boil with strong fire. You can take juice without residue. With the second decoction, you should add some water and decoct for 5 minutes.youcan mix the juice and take 2 times with warm tenperature.

Honeysuckle, Hawthorn and Honey Tea

Materials: 10 grams of Honeysuckle, 10grams of hawthorn and 250 grams of honey.

Functions: clearing away heat and toxic material, dispelling wind and relieving pain and helpping digestion.

Indications: it is used for anemopyretic cold, fever with headache and thirst.

Methods: you can boil Honeysuckle and hawthorn into marmite with strong fire for 3-5 minutes. You can put the juice into small enamel basin to decoct again. And then you can nix the twice juice and add some honey to stir.

Herbal Diet of Breast Enhancement

20150120100630394Hate the title of “the princess taiping”?But don’t know how to improve the long not big trouble, surgery and its hidden danger, so try Chinese herbal diet, moderate does not hurt the body, let you gradually from the nightmare of the flat chest.

Stewed rock sugar papaya.
Papaya (1) (2) (3) of rock sugar water.
1. The papaya peeled, seeded and cut into squares.
(2) and (2), (3) materials together for 20 minutes, then edible.
Medicine health stewed chicken soup.
(1) the American chicken or general chicken ginseng (2) (3) the red Chinese wolfberry (4) (5) longan (6) (7) salt water (8) of rice wine
1. Soak red dates soft, go to seed.
2. (1) ~ (6) material boiled together, in order to turn a small fire after the fire boil, cook for 50 minutes after flameout, add salt and rice wine to taste.
Breast enhancement medicinal food cooking
Massage have breast enhancement effect, but in fact, many women audience since the childhood, breast enhancement soup must have eaten a mother’s love.Medicinal food can breast enhancement.Here are a few can breast enhancement, and can maintain a breast enhancement medicinal food.
Papaya stew chicken soup
Green papaya materials 】 【 half a catty Chicken wing 6 red jujube 10 grain of astragalus 1 only two almond 3 money
【 do 】
1. Boil a pot of water first
2. The red jujube to seeds into the pot
3. Then the green papaya, chicken wings, red jujube, astragalus, almond all into the pan, add a spoonful of salt to taste and serve immediately after 30 minutes
【 close one to five days a week!The effect of continuous drink better!
Yam yogurt seafood
Scallop materials 】 【 6 two shrimp two yam in moderation Broccoli is right amount The coriander amount 6 garlic grain Onion half grain of cheese powder 3 t 3 teaspoons of milk
【 do 】 1. The garlic and ocean?In the first saute
2. Cut yam chunk, along with scallops, shrimp into the pot and stir
3. Due to the mountain area of sticky, adding suitable amount of water
4. Add the broccoli, parsley and stir together
5. Finally, the cheese powder boil together with milk, food has been boiled
【 close one to eat five days a week!In front of the female physiology period a week is better!
Of course come to guests are also contribute to other breast enhancement food!
Soya-bean milk red jujube congee
【 work effect 】 skin, breast enhancement, complexion is ruddy
Soya-bean milk materials 】 【 500 cc, 2 t 6 red dates, oatmeal, brown sugar in moderation
Method 】 【 do red jujube wash seeded, soya-bean milk after joining red jujube and bring to boil, turn a small fire boil for 10 minutes, after joining oatmeal, cereal such as well, added a suitable amount of brown sugar
Papaya beef slices
Papaya materials 】 【 a and beef slices, three two, soy sauce, cooking wine, thickening, moderate, 3 TBSP salad oil
【 do 】 1 beef slices pickled in soy sauce, cooking wine, spending half an hour, add a few thickening catch with it
2 papaya to the slices.
Three pan, put the beef slices and served for a color dish up immediately
4 use of residual oil in the pan Fried papaya, slightly soft can remove spread in the plate, then spread on the papaya beef slices, strike on the table
Papaya sesame seed candy
Black sesame materials 】 【 four two half jins, maltose, papaya
【 do 】 1 black sesame seed with a small fire to dry.With a support arm rod surface will be crushed sesame seeds and stir-fry until done
2 after the maltose heating cooked. Stir in sesame seeds, put cold sesame seed candy
3 papaya peeled, seeded and cut in the bowl, the sesame seed candy on the papaya
Milk and cereal
“Materials” milk, cereal, the right amount
Method 】 【 do mix two materials with small fire boil for 10 minutes, cereal expansion can be shut down.
Rich in calcium and protein milk and cereal, not only can breast enhancement, practice is also very simple.
Flower pig feet soup
Peanut materials 】 【 four two, pig feet 2, green onion, ginger, cooking wine
【 do 】 1, pigs feet first in boiling water to cheat again
2, peanuts and pig feet in a saucepan, add four bowls of water, put green onion, ginger, cooking wine, first the fire to boil, turn to a simmer for three hours
3, peanut cooked soft, pig feet after boiled up, then add salt to taste
Peanut containing polyunsaturated fatty acids, can promote plump breasts cells;Pig feet contains animal glue, can promote female hormone secretion.
Every month the optimal period of breast enhancement
From menstrual 11, 12, 13 days, these 3 days are breast enhancement optimal period, the 18th, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 7 days of 24 period that are second beautiful, because in this 10 days affect busty amount of secretion of ovarian estrogen is 24 hours, this also arouses a breast adipose corner increases thick optimal opportunity.

American Ginseng—–Xi Yang Shen

American ginseng(xi yang shen) is a very nourishing ingredients, which has many  magical efficacy and function. Then do you know what is the effect of American ginseng and function?Do you know how to eat American ginseng?

American ginseng contains saponins kind of active ingredients, and ginseng saponins contained similar composition.

American ginseng has obvious of the central nervous inhibition, and oxygen resistance, fatigue resistance, resistance to stress.

On the cardiovascular system have anti-arrhythmic, against myocardial ischemia, increased myocardial blood flow and reduce the effect such as coronary resistance, and stop bleeding, diuresis, fall hematic fat, uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock resistance, and enhance the body’s immune function, and so on.

First, do not drink tea when taking American ginseng, because it can reduce the absorption of active ingredients of ginsengwith tannic acid in tea, can reduce the absorption of active ingredients of ginseng.

Second, after taking American ginseng, do not eat turnip, because of radish body’s qi.

Third,  it is not good of taking  for those who are insufficiency of spleen-YANG, and often has  stomach-ache or diarrhea.

Today there are some American ginseng herbal diet.

1. American ginseng porridge                          西洋参粥
American ginseng 3 grams, radix ophiopogonies 10 grams, lophatheri herba 6 grams, 30 grams of rice.First water frying the radix ophiopogonis and lophathri herba, then slag to take juice, add rice to boil, when it cooks well , adding with American ginseng.

This porridge is nourishing Yin and qi, clear heat, and the role of the stomach, to be agitated of qi and Yin deficiency, dry mouth, shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.

龙眼饮2. Ginseng longan drink
American ginseng slice of 3 grams, 30 grams of longan meat, candy 5 grams. Put the three in a bowl and steam. Add water  at right amount, cage steam for two hours, to dilute paste, dish up for drink.

This drink is nourishing Yin and blood, ziyin sedative effect, for the two virtual, glove due to insufficiency of qi and Yin palpitation, insomnia forgetful brain failure, face lips pale white, etc.


3.  Ginseng walnut soup
胡桃唐American ginseng 15 grams, walnut, 2 slices ginger.To make American ginseng as raw powder, walnut mash, 250 ml water decoction together to drink, swallow frequently before sleep.

This soup is beneficial stomach, qi anti-asthma effect, for lung and kidney empty, not of gas caused by the long out of shortness of breath, even can’t lay down.Elderly asthma syndrome of kidney Yin deficiency of lung, YouYi taking this product.