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Rhizoma Polygonati: invigorating spleen-stomach and replenishing qi

t017e52af05402e2f4dRhizoma Polygonati is mainly from Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi and other provinces. Harvest in spring and autumn and the best is harvested in autumn. Remove fibrous root and aerial part, wash and then steam until oil. Dry in the sun or dry by baking. Rhizoma Polygonati is neutral in nature with sweettaste. It enters spleen, kidney and lung meridians. According to mensurate, it contains steroidal saponins, rhizomepolygonatic, oligosaccharide, oligosaccharides, niacinamide, mucoid substance, quinones, multiple amino acids, starch and trace elements such as zinc, copper and iron. It has effects on tonifying qi with nourishing yin, strengthening spllen with moistening lung and tonifying the kidney. It is used for the weakness of the spleen and stomach, fatigue, dry mouth with less eating, lung deficiency with cough due to dryness, deficiency of the kidney, and dizziness due to damage of essence, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, premature graying hair, internal thermal with consumptive thirst.01300001385827133181793435701

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that extract of Rhizoma Polygonati can inhibit bacillus typhi, staphylococcus aureus and herpes virus. 2 percent of extract of polygonatum alcohol can inhibit pathomycete such as, trichophyton violaceum and epidermophyton. Drink decoction can increase activity of superoxide and dismutase in hepar. It can decrease blood sugar, blood fat and blood pressure, stop bleeding, prevent fatigue and oxidation, improve immunity and delay senility.

For oral administration: decoction, the usual dose is 10 ~ 30 grams. It also can be made into water, alcohol extract and aqueous extract. The followings introduce several commonly methods.
Tuberculosis: decoct 2500 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati with water and then concentrate into paste. 4 times a day and each time 10 ml.

Ringworm: pound amount of Rhizoma Polygonati to pieces, and then soak with alcohol (95% degree) 1 ~ 2 days. Distill to removing the most of the alcohol and concentrate. Add three times the water. After precipitation, take its filtrate, and steam out the rest of the alcohol. When use, people directly rub it into the affected area with 2 times a day.

Invigorating qi: put Rhizoma Polygonati and wolfberry into equal part. And grinde into fine powder, and refine with honey into pill as the sizes of semen firmianae. People can take pills everyday with warm water.

Pulmonary overstrain with hemoptysis: braise 60 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati and 30 grams of rock candy with water.

Children with weakness of legs: braise 30 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati, 30 grams of winter honey with boiling water.

Thirst due to stomach heat: 18 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati, 15 grams of prepared rehmannia root, 15 gram of yam, 12 grams of radices trichosanthis, and 12 grams of radices ophiopogonis. Decoct with water.
Enterobiasis: braise 24 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati with water and add 30 grams of crystal sugar.

U6837P1196DT20111116091111Hyperlipidemia: 30 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati, 25 grams of hawthorn and 15 grams of polygonum multiflorum. Decoct with water, daily 1 agent.

Leukopenia: decoct 2 copies of Rhizoma Polygonati and 5 copies of jujube into apozem. Take orally with 20 ml each time and3 times a day.

Diabetes: 15 grams of Rhizoma Polygonati, 15 grams of yam, 12 grams of rhizoma anemarrhenae, 12 grams of polygonatum and 12 grams of lilyturf root. Decoct with water. It can treat thirsty, fatigued body and lack of strength and deficiency of both vital energy and yin.



QQ截图20150724101903Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, together with ginseng and pilose antler is tied for the three tonics. Because of low yield and rarity cordyceps sinensis become a treasure in medicine.

TCM think cordyceps sinensis has warm in property with sweet taste. It can complement deficiency, strengthen Qi, nourishing kidney and protecting lung, reducing phlegm and stop bleeding. It is suitable for patients with cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, asthenia and night sweats. Modern research found that cordyceps sinensis has effects on obvious improve immunity and preventing cancer, which makes the cordyceps sinensis become worth a hundred times. In addition, cordyceps sinensis contains component of expanding bronchial smooth muscle, so it can relieve asthma.

Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis is extremely popular in folk. It can, and tonify lung and benefit essence and raise the lung with stopping asthma.QQ截图20150724101839


You can choose about 1500 grams of old duck, pull hair, celiotomize and take out the internal organs. You can wash the duck and use chopstick as the size of the bamboo to tuck cordyceps sinensis into a small cave in a duck’s back. Then you can put into the pot to steam and add salt. People with impotence due to deficiency of the kidney, spermatorrhea, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, anemia and deficiency after disease can eat Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis , and they also can grinder dry cordyceps sinensis into powder and steam with eggs.

Cordyceps sinensis soak with wine and the effect is good.

Specific method:

You can put 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis in a container, add 500 grams of liquor, and seal for soaking 3 days. And then you can immediately drink, daily 1 – 2 times and 10 grams. It is suitable for the illness in frail health, fatigue and weakness, impotence, backache, cough and other symptoms.

The quality of in Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan are the best. And North Cordyceps sinensis Produced from Jilin, Hebei and Shaanxi also can be used in medicine, but the quality is not as good as the former. People should pay attention to the selection.