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Clearing Heat


The medicine can clear away interior heat, which we call it heat-clearing drug. The prescription mostly consist of heat-clearing drug, which we call it heat-clearing prescriptions.

Heat-clearing drug and prescriptions has cold in property. It holds effect on clearing heat-fire and cooling blood to remove apthogentic heat. It is used for various interior heat syndromes, such as hyperpyrexia due to calenture, heat dysentery and sore toxin due to carbuncle swelling.

Heat of heat syndrome has difference in qifen, yingfen, xuefen, asthenic fever and sthenic fever. Thus, heat clearing therapy are classified into clearing heat-fire, clearing heat and cooling blood, clearing heat and removing toxicity and heat-clearing and damp-drying drugs.

This kind of drugs mostly has cold in property, which is easy to harm spleen and stomach. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach should take with drugs of invigorating the stomach. Calenture is easy to harm body fluid. Heat-clearing and damp-drying drug also is easy to harm body fluid due to dry in property. People with yin deficiency should take with Yin tonifying herbs to eliminate evil and strengthen the body resistance.

People with deficiency of spleen and stomach, anorexia and diarrhea due to intestinal smooth should take it carefully.

Cool medicinal powder

Material:  20 grams of rheum officinale (come from sichuan), mirabilite and licorice, 10 grams of cape jasmine fruit, peppermint leaf(remove stalk) and scutellaria, 40 grams of forsythia suspensa vahl

Indications:  heat of the upper and middle energizer, thirst due to dysphoria, vertigo due to facial fever, dry lips and throat, laryngeal vescile due to glossoncus, epistaxis and bloodshot eyes, chin and cheek induration, aphtha of the mouth and tongue, sticky tears and saliva, ailment of doss, delirium, constipation, hot urination, infantile convulsion, red tongue with yellowish fur and pulse slip number.

Zuo Jin pill

Material:  180 grams of Coptis chinensis, 30 grams of medicinal evodia fruit

Indications: syndrome of liver fire invading the stomach. lateral thorax pain, gastric upset and acid regurgitation, vomiting, red tongue with yellowish fur and pulse slip number.( This is discription commonly used in gastritis, esophagitis, gastric ulcer is the liver fire attacking stomach. )

Clearing stomach

Material:   Rehmannia 6 grams, angelica 6 grams, 9 grams of cotex moutan, Coptis 6 grams, 9 grams of cimicifuga.

Indications: gastropyretic toothache. Toothache traction headache, cheeks hot, the tooth like cold evil heat, bleeding or teeth propaganda, or gingival swelling, ulceration, lips, tongue and cheek swelling, hot breath odor, dry mouth, red tongue, yellow, slippery pulse number. (This prescription commonly used for people with stomatitis, periodontitis and trigeminal neuralgia.)


Relieve Exterior Syndrome

That medicine can clear heat from the fleshy exterior, promote sweat and relieving exterior syndrome, which we called drugs for relieving exterior syndrome.

Drugs for relieving exterior syndrome mostly have the pungent taste. The pungent taste can diverge and prompt the patient sweating.  It can clear exogenous evil with the sweat and relieve exterior syndrome. This medicine has warm and cold in property. Thus it has different indication. It enters lung and bladder meridians. Its indication is related with cycle routes taiyin and viscera lung channel of hand and taiyang bladder channel of foot.

The prescription that is mostly based on drugs for relieving exterior syndrome is called formula for relieving superficies syndrome.

This kind of medicine is mainly used for exterior syndrome with the invasion of six excesses.  There are some symptoms: aversion to cold with fever, headache and floating pulse. Or it can be used for exterior syndrome with the poor or rheumatism.

Clinically, exterior syndrome has exterior syndrome due to wind-cold and win-heat. People with wind cold are suitable to acrid-warm herbs relieving superficies, but people with wind heat are fit for cold-pungent diaphoresis. In addition, if exterior syndrome with qi, blood, yin and yang deficiency, people should use with the invigoration drugs. It can strengthen body resistance and eliminate evil to strong vital QI leading to retreat of pathogen. Thus, the drugs for relieving exterior syndrome are divided into acrid-warm herbs relieving superficies, cold-pungent diaphoresis and strengthening body resistance and relieving exterior syndrome.

Notes of drugs for relieving exterior syndrome:

  1. The drugs has pungent taste with having dispersing effect, so it can not decoct for long time to avoid dissipate drug properties and reduce the dissipation effect.
  2. After taking drugs, people should avoid the wind cold. For example, people with exterior syndrome due to affection of exogenous wind-cold can add clothing to prompt sweating.
  1. Resolving exterior syndrome with sweating. It should stop with slight sweating due to avoid consuming qi and injuring yin of large sweating. People should discontinue taking medication as soon as get effect. Do not take it not for long time.
  2. People with yang deficiency and spontaneous perspiration, yin deficiency and night sweats, ulcer and sore for a long time as well as blood loss should not individually use formula for relieving superficies syndrome. If needed, people can add products with strengthening body resistance to eliminate evil without hurting body.

Disintoxication Powder

Material: 4.5 grams of notopterygium root,  Chinese thorowax root,  radix peucedani, 4.5 grams of radix angelicae tuhuo, fructus aurantii, Poria, Schizonepeta, radix sileris, Radix Platycodonis and Ligusticum wallichii, 1.5 grams of  licorice.

Indications: initial sore with swelling and pain, aversion to cold with fever, no sweat without thirsty, thin and white tongue coating and superficial and rapid pulse.

Rhizoma Cimicifugae and Radix Puerariae Soup

Material: 10 grams of rhizoma cimicifugae, Chinese peony and prepared radix glycyrrhizae, 15 grams of radix puerariae

Indications: initial measles, headache due to heat body, cough, lacrimation due to bloodshot eyes, thirst, red tongue, thin and dry fur as well as superficial and rapid pulse ( this product also can used for herpes zoster , herpes simplex, varicella, diarrhea and acute bacillary dysentery)