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Nourishing the Lung and Kidney

Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable traditional Chinese medicine, together with ginseng and pilose antler is tied for the three tonics. Because of low yield and rarity cordyceps sinensis become a treasure in medicine.

TCM think cordyceps sinensis has warm in property with sweet taste. It can complement deficiency, strengthen Qi, nourishing kidney and protecting lung, reducing phlegm and stop bleeding. It is suitable for patients with cough due to pulmonary tuberculosis, hemoptysis, asthenia and night sweats. Modern research found that cordyceps sinensis has effects on obvious improve immunity and preventing cancer, which makes the cordyceps sinensis become worth a hundred times. In addition, cordyceps sinensis contains component of expanding bronchial smooth muscle, so it can relieve asthma.

Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis is extremely popular in folk. It can, and tonify lung and benefit essence and raise the lung with stopping asthma.


You can choose about 1500 grams of old duck, pull hair, celiotomize and take out the internal organs. You can wash the duck and use chopstick as the size of the bamboo to tuck cordyceps sinensis into a small cave in a duck’s back. Then you can put into the pot to steam and add salt. People with impotence due to deficiency of the kidney, spermatorrhea, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, anemia and deficiency after disease can eat Steaming duck with cordyceps sinensis , and they also can grinder dry cordyceps sinensis into powder and steam with eggs.

Cordyceps sinensis soak with wine and the effect is good.

Specific method:

You can put 20 grams of Cordyceps sinensis in a container, add 500 grams of liquor, and seal for soaking 3 days. And then you can immediately drink, daily 1 – 2 times and 10 grams. It is suitable for the illness in frail health, fatigue and weakness, impotence, backache, cough and other symptoms.

The quality of in Qinghai, Tibet and Sichuan are the best. And North Cordyceps sinensis Produced from Jilin, Hebei and Shaanxi also can be used in medicine, but the quality is not as good as the former. People should pay attention to the selection.





Your belly bulge without eating anything and often fart. Did you have had this experience? Abdominal distension and fart more generally means gastrointestinal diseases, and then how to do it?

Why do people have abdominal distension and fart more?

Generally, the intestinal gas mainly comes from gas by swallowing and gas in digestive tract (particularly bacteria fermentation product gas). Intestinal fluid comes from saliva, gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice and small intestinal fluid. These liquids and gases of healthy people can reabsorb or discharge some parts through the normal process of digestion

1, gastrointestinal disease

Stomach diseases: common in chronic gastritis, gastric ulcer, gastroptosis, gastrectasis and pyloric obstruction.

Intestinal diseases: common in enterophthisis, dysentery, intestinal obstruction and habitual constipation.

Other: gastrointestinal neurosis.

2, liver, gallbladder and pancreatic diseases: acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis and pancreatitis.

3, peritoneal disease is common in acute peritonitis and tuberculous peritonitis.

4, cardiovascular disease is common in heart failure, mesenteric atherosclerosis, and mesenteric artery infarction. Angina and arrhythmias can cause bloating.

5, acute infectious diseases: hematosepsis, pneumonia and typhoid.

6, other: postoperative enteroparalysis, emphysema pulmonum, asthma, kaliopenia, malabsorption syndromes, myeleterosis, drug reaction, chronic pelvic inflammation, appendagitis, connective tissue disease and hypothyroidism.


Prevention and health care of abdominal distension

  1. Eat little foods which will manufacture gas in the stomach. Such as potatoes, pasta, sugar, and so on. It is easy to manufacture gas in the stomach to lead to abdominal distension.
  2. Do not eat non-digestible food. Bean, pancakes and other hard food are difficult to digest in the stomach and intestines with staying longer time. Thus, it may produce more gas to induce abdominal distension.
  3. Good eating habits. Change the voracious eating habits. Walking with eating or eating too fast is easy to swallow a lot of air. Use a straw to drink beverages also make a lot of air to sneak into the stomach and causing abdominal distension.
  4. Prevent bad mood. Irritability, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration and other negative emotions may reduce digestive function, or stimulate stomach to manufacture excessive stomach acid. The result is that increases stomach gas and intensifies abdominal distension.
  5. Enhance body. Exercise every day and pay attention to the right amount of outdoor sports. It not only helps overcome the negative emotions and helps maintain normal digestive function.
  6. Moderately eat high-fiber foods. Add fiber foods to reduce the effect of abdominal distension and especially after the intake of high-fat foods. Because high-fat foods are difficult to be digested and absorbed in the stomach and often stay longer. But once fiber is added, the digestive system can quickly be unimpeded.

7.Prevent gastrointestinal disease. For certain diseases, abdominal distension is one of the symptoms or aura, such as, allergic colitis, ulcerative colitis and so on.

People with abdominal distension and fart more should pay attention to diet, eat less food of producing gas and uneasily digesting. In the daily life, people should maintain good moods due to emotions are related to gastrointestinal health.