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Basic Knowledge of Chinese Materia Medica

Chinese medicine is Chinese Traditional Medicine, also called “drug”, and has a long history. It’s content is very rich.As traditional Chinese medicine may use, must master a certain knowledge of Chinese medicine, according to the actual needs, mainly will know the source of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), name, identification, quality performance, dosage, taboos, processing, storage and so on.

The source of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) includs three:  the plants, animals and minerals.

1, plants herb

Plant medicine from the root of all kinds of medicinal plants, such as panax notoginseng), stem (e.g., uncaria), such as cinnamon bark, leaf, such as loquat leaf, flower, such as honeysuckle, fruit and seed (star), the grass (e.g., plantain) and secretions (such as frankincense).There is also a part of the plant drugs is through artificial that draw to simple processing of medicinal plants, such as the divine comedy, indigo naturalis, and camphor.Plants mostly from wild herbs, with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) requirements are increasing gradually and wild plant resources, many of the commonly used medicine has gradually changed from wild to seed plants, and success, become the main source of goods medicinal materials, such as ginseng, panax notoginseng, rhizoma gastrodiae, rhizoma coptidis and poria cocos, etc.Plants is a part of most varieties in the traditional Chinese medicine herbs.Widely used in the national five hundred kinds of Chinese herbal medicine, herbal medicine is accounted for more than 80%.So ancient down the Chinese materia medica called herbalism (based on herbs), take Chinese traditional medicine books called “materia medica”, such as huang di “, “compendium of materia medica”, etc.

2, animal herb动物药
Individual animal medicinal materials from a variety of medicinal animals (such as leeches, hippocampus), organ (such as bear bile, chicken’s gizzard-membrane), the physical product (such as musk, silkworm sand) and pathological product (e.g., bezoar, bezoar from monkeys), etc.There is also a part of the animal medicine is after artificial preparing for simple processing, such as the toad venom, gelatin and deer glue, etc.With the development of the situation, many also gradually by the wild medicinal animals into captivity, and gratifying progress has been made, such as deer, musk deer, pearls, and scorpion.Animal medicinal plant medicinal materials and application in our country, has a very long history, past dynasties materia medica recorded in the animal, a total of more than six hundred kinds, the animal product while only 12% of the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine (more than 60), but because of its curative effect is distinct, the scope is wide, it is widely used, still become a important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

3, mineral herb矿物药
Mineral class includes natural mineral available for medicinal herbs (such as gypsum, cinnabar, a magnet), mineral processed products (such as alum, light pink, red rose Dan) and animal fossils (e.g., keel, dens draconis, spirifer).This medicine varieties is less than planting, animal medicinal materials, accounts for about 6% of the commonly used traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but so far is still very important in medical treatment, is an indispensable part of Chinese traditional medicine.