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6 Kinds of Food for Nourishing Blood

1, nourishing buffets – chinese yam
Mountain ingredients, cool, into the lung, spleen and kidney, compendium of material medica says it has to match tonify deficiency profit loss of function, the acknowledgement in the qing dynasty Chen Xiuyuan has explained the function of the yam, said it air into the lungs, gan into the spleen, blood and spleen system, the main limbs, blood and spleen is not hungry, limbs balloon;The main gas, gas filling in a lung is the intellectual man fit, gas for the multiplication of;Again because of the quality of a material is thick and sticky, can fill, kidney essence is enough strong Yin, prolong life.Modern pharmacological studies suggest that yam contains saponins, glycoprotein, tannins, check right element, yam alkali, choline, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., have the effect that induce interferon, have certain anti-aging material base.Yam, therefore, it can raise blood tonifying qi, tonify deficiency treatment and prolong life.
2, amaranth,
Amaranth are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin k, have promote clotting, increase and improve the ability of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin content, promote hematopoietic effect and so on.Amaranth carotene contained more than 2 times the solanaceous fruit above, can provide rich nutrients for human body, is beneficial to strengthen physical health, improve the body’s immunity, is called “longevity food”.And do not contain oxalic acid in amaranth, contains calcium, iron, enter human body is easy to be absorbed after use.
3, spinach,
Spinach is a famous blood tonic food.Among them, spinach contains rich in iron, carotene and folic acid are very good to the health of human body.
4, longan
Longan with tonifying spleen blood tonic, bushing sedative effect, can treat insomnia, forgetfulness due to qi deficiency can lead to discomfort, such as is also a kind of good have smoked in the qi and blood.If women in the physiological period after physical weakness, also can tone up in longan.
5, red jujube
Red is a well known fill qi and blood.Jujube contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic acids, vitamin a, vitamin c, calcium minerals and so on the many kinds of amino acids and nutrients, for women’s health and beauty is good.
6, donkey-hide gelatin,
Gelatin has enhanced physique, improve sleep, brain puzzle, regulate the menstrual function spuc, anti-aging effect, can improve the woman the immunity of the body, and help control because of the circulation of qi and blood, or blood deficiency caused by various diseases, blood, moist skin at the same time.