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Wolfberry: Clearing Liver,Iproving Vision & Lowering Blood Pressure

  1. Night blindness and blurring of image

Method: you can soak 6 grams of wolfberry and 6 grams of white chrysanthemums with water and instead of tea.

  1. Hypertension and diabetes

Method: you can decoct 15 grams of wolfberry and instead of tea every day. Often take will be effective.

  1. Thirst at night

Method: the older can chew 30 grams of wolfberry after washing every night. Continuously take 10 days will be generally effective. If it is necessary, it can be taken for continuous use.

  1. Deficiency of the liver, eye pain, tearing on exposure to wind, and cataract

Method: you can soak 250 grams of wolfberry with fit amount of yellow rice wine in the altar. After being sealed 1-2 months, you can drink fit amount every day and 2 times a day.

  1. Relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization

Method: you can wash 10 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of longan flesh, 4 red dates and 100 grams of rice with water to cook congee. This recipe has a good effect on treating deficiency of blood and agrypnia. It is proper to eat usually.

  1.  Barrenness of male

Method: men can chew 15 grams of wolfberry every night. A month is a course of treatment. Men also can take several courses of treatment. During take medication, men should appropriately forbid sexual abstinence.

  1. Obesity

Method: you can brew 30 grams of wolfberry with boiling water every morning and evening.  Taking continuously four months can achieve better slimming effect and no side effect.

  1. Diabetes

Method: you can chew 100 grams of wolfberry after steaming. You can take 10 grams each time and 3 times a day. It can be long-term taken, which can reduce blood sugar and relieve thirst.

  1. Pregnancy vomiting

Method: you can brew 50 grams of wolfberry and 50 grams of scutellaria with boiling water in the porcelain with cover. When it becomes warm, you can frequently drink. After drinking over, you can use boiling water to continuously brew until cure.

  1. Chronic atrophic gastritis

Method: you can bake wolfberry from Ningxia and to smash and then package. You can daily chew 20 grams and 2 times when you have empty stomach. 2 month is 1 treatment course.

11 black hair

Method: you can decoct 100 grams of wolfberry and 12 walnut seed, 100 grams of small black beans with appropriate amount of water. When it becomes boiling, you can put in the refrigerator. Take 15-30 grams in daily morning and evening after heating.

12. Presbyopia

You can refer to the following recipe: take a spoonful of high-quality wolfberry and brew with boiling water. When two or three minutes later and the water temperature are slightly cool, you can put a spoon of honey and stir. Drink one cup every morning and evening.  After two months, it will be effective.

It is worth reminding that you should choose the high-quality wolfberry. If you find it has flavor of alcohol, you should not use it.  You can eat wolfberry throughout all year. You might as well try more.




Healthy Diet to The Obesity

Control staple food, limit the pure sugar and sweets.

For example, the original amount of food is large, the staple food can be used to decrease the law. Three meals of a day decrease 50 grams. Gradually, control the staple food in 250 to 300 grams per day. Slowly eat food and keep a habit of percent of seventy or eight full. To eat little or nothing about food contain excessive starch and sweet, such as sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus starch, almond tea, jam, honey, candy, candied fruit, malted milk, fruit juice, etc. The staple food would better mixed thickness grains with small grain.

Appropriately increase the supply of protein.

If people are without complications of kidney or heat, each kilogram of body weight can be supplied from 1.5 to 2 grams of protein. Protein has a high specific power to increase the heat consumption, which is conducive to reduce weight. Fish, shrimp, chicken, rabbit meat and animal pluck containing high protein and low fat, so calories below than pork. The bean product with little oil is also a good source of protein, and it has effect on reducing the blood lipid.

Incept suitable fat

People should incept suitable fat to increase the feeling of full abdomen, but should restrict to incept animal fat and saturated fat of cooking vegetable oil, due to it contain unsaturated fatty acids which can reduce serum cholesterol. Don’t eat fatty foods such as butter, cream, pastries, fat goose, roasted duck, peanut, walnut, oil fried food. Fat accounts for 20%-25% of the total calories of food should be appropriate.

Enough vitamins, trace elements and dietary fiber.

Multiply use fresh fruits and vegetables and edible algae to increase the supply of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which can increase feeling of the full abdomen, maintain normal metabolism, reduce blood fat and prevent complications.

Drink water with appreciate amount, use less salt in summer, eat watermelon and tomato to quench thirst.

Watermelon water and wax gourd soup can be a diuresis. Excessive restriction of water intake can make fat people sweat gland disorder, which is not conducive to the regulation of body temperature, especially the urine concentration and metabolic residue is not easy to row net. Meanwhile, it can also cause polydipsia, headache, fatigue and other symptoms. Drink tea with fit amount, people can adjust humidity and regulate lipid metabolism. The dishes should be less salt, especially for people with obesity, hypertension and kidney disease should pay attention to light taste.

Abstinence and restriction of food containing purine

Alcohol has high heat and can promote fat deposition in vivo. Purine can increase the burden of intermediate metabolism with liver and kidney, which is bad for the fat people. Thus, fat people should avoid eating.

A reasonable diet system should not be less than three meals a day and regularly quantitative diet.

During two meals or feeling hungry before bed, people can eat some of the fruits with more water and less sugar. According to clinical observation, the amount of insulin secretion is generally the highest in the evening and the least in the morning. So fat people should eat more breakfast and eat less dinner, which can not only reduce the synthesis of fat, but also avoid inducing coronary heart disease.

The distribution of meal heat roughly like this: breakfast accounts for 25%~ 30% of the total calories, lunch is 35% ~ 40%, and dinner is 20% ~ 25%. In addition, two extra snacks accounted for 5%.

Chinese Wolfberry-Folk Prescription to Treat Diseases

12106414_191202752002_2Chinese wolfberry is a kind of health food, health effect, used to purge toxins in liver. Clear liver bright eye is widely known as a kind of health care function, in addition to this, Chinese wolfberry for high blood pressure, diabetes, also have certain curative effect. Below small make up to you to take some Chinese wolfberry folk prescription medicine, hurriedly to rise up the knowledge.

1 night blindness, eyesight

Medlar 6 grams, 6 grams, white chrysanthemum tea bubble water generation.

2 high blood pressure, diabetes

Daily use medlar 15 grams, decoct soup generation tea, secret effectively.

3 used to treat old man thirst at night

Take medlar 30 grams wash every night after chewing, even served 10 days generally effective, continuous use when necessary.

4 liver sore eyes, see the wind tears, and say that clear eye, cataract, etc

Medlar 250 g, rice wine in moderation, immersed in the altar, seal after 1 to 2 months, after each eclipse, right amount drink, 2 times a day.

Five Chinese wolfberry nerves available Chinese wolfberry longan porridge

Take medlar 10 grams, 15 grams of longan pulp, red jujube 4, 100 grams of japonica rice, wash water boil congee. The party has good effect for blood deficiency of insomnia. Appropriate often feed.

6 for the treatment of male infertility

Rinse medlar 15 grams of chewing on every night, to take a month for a period of treatment, also for taking a few courses, medication during section should be appropriately offspring.

7 for the treatment of obesity

Take medlar 30 grams a day cleaning, use boiling water when tea YinFu, sooner or later all the time, even served four months can obtain good lipid-lowering effect reducing weight, and no side effects.

8 for auxiliary treatment of collateral (diabetes)

Medlar 100 grams wash, steamed chewed, 10 g each time, 3 times a day, can be long-term use, can accept auxiliary fall blood sugar and check out.

Nine Chinese wolfberry kidney can choose Chinese wolfberry sheep kidney soup

Medlar 30 grams, sheep kidney, after adding water and seasoning boil stew, soup to eat kidney. Chinese wolfberry tonify deficiency of the key in the kidney, kidney empty lumbago curative effect is distinct, appropriate is used to accompany a meal.

Ten medlar brain can choose Chinese wolfberry sheep brain injection

Take 250 grams of medlar, sheep brain a, put into the container, add salt, green onion, ginger, cooking wine, steam cooked. Add rocky MSG with a little seasoning until they are eaten. Appropriate table of food.

11 the pregnancy vomiting

Barbary wolfberry fruit, radix scutellariae, 50 grams each. Buy with cover in the porcelain jar to boiling water immersion, stay warm time YinFu, reusable after drink boiling water, for the degree.

12 chronic atrophic gastritis

Wash and drying break repackaging, choose the ningxia wolfberry fruit 20 grams per day, 2 after chewing on an empty stomach, 2 months for a course of treatment.


Obesity is in the reason of energy intaking more than energy consumption.Heat comes from the intake of food energy material: proteins (4 kcal/g), fat (9 kcal/g), carbohydrates (4 kcal/g), energy consumption is mainly composed of three aspects: basal metabolism, physical activity and food heating effect.Weight loss is the center of the balance of quantity of heat to the negative (calorie intake is less than the heat consumption).Level of the basal metabolism are mainly related to the body’s nutritional status and diet, so after noon don’t feed the method reducing weight is essentially a kind of very harmful.Physical activity and exercise is not a concept, scientific research table, big intensity exercise good for weight loss.Food heating effect is commonly 2 ~ 3 hours, this is a lot of weight loss experts say, eat much food less beneficial theoretical basis to lose weight.

All the method reducing weight is directly or indirectly around heat as the center, the effective index to reduce the quantity of heat, health indicators for basal metabolism, protection for the satiety index for appetite control and satisfaction.

Acupuncture is a way of lose weight under the guidance of learning channels and collaterals theory of traditional Chinese medicine, through specific meridians, acupuncture to balance Yin and Yang, regulating zang-fu, operation of qi and blood, dredge meridian to a treatment method of losing weight.

1, comfortable raise colour
Good curative effect, less pain, at the same time of weight loss, acupuncture has effect in toning, relieving, beauty to raise colour, is that other Chinese and western medicine.
2, comprehensive adjustment
3, health and safety
Acupuncture weight loss is more safe, reliable, without any damage to human body, is a safe, stable and healthy way to lose weight fast.

Applicable people
Fashionable white-collar: sitting more, less exercise
Postpartum hot mama: eliminate the belly fat, adjust the big appetite
Partial obesity: eliminate the big round face, kylin arm, waist and leg of the elephant bucket
Fashion pretty girl: sculpture figure, makes the lordosis after become warped the charming S type curve
Menopause fat: heavy plastic green spring beautiful figure, get rid of all kinds of difficult to lose fat.

Food reducing weight
1, yam
Yam contains a large amount of starch and protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, glucose, protein amino acid alkali (choline), allantoin, bile (allantoin), etc.As a highly nutritious food, one of the important nutrients yam soap, was a pioneer in the synthesis of female hormone substances, have nourish Yin Yang, enhance the effect of metabolism.The dopamine in yam, dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation function.Improve human digestion function, enhanced physique, improve the skin moist and color.Mountain medicine for the M M, but also a natural slimming food.It contains plenty of fiber, after eating Can produce full bilge feeling, so as to control the desire to eat.Second, yam itself is a kind of high nutritional value, low caloric food, it is safe to eat more and will not have trouble back at home to get fat.

2, high protein
Processed carbohydrates can cause obesity, unable to suppress hunger and appetite.Therefore, carbohydrate restriction to absorb a large number of high protein foods can reduce light body weight And stay slim.The diet for a period of two weeks, in 14 days thin body plan, the patient can only eat the right amount of vegetables, but you can eat enough milk, eggs, meat, fish.This makes the body into a state: rely on the fat rather than carbohydrates provide energy.

3, soya-bean milk
Soya-bean milk contains soy saponins on the cholesterol in the blood, neutral fat are lower.Neutral fat in the body, can cause fat.Often fresh soya-bean milk to drink, can play a balanced nutrition, adjust endocrine system and fat metabolism, stimulate the body a variety of enzyme activity, decompose excessive fat, strengthen the role of muscle energy, both to protect the witness body has enough nutrition, and reach the role of healthy weight loss.

4, vinegar
Rise the vinegar hot at home and abroad, such as America, Japan, obese people are drinking vinegar to lose weight.Vinegar contains volatile substances, amino acids and organic acids and other substances.According to the report daily take 1 5 ~ 20 milli liters of vinegar, can have certain effect reducing weight.A kind of health care vinegar made in Shanghai is very good also.In daily life, how to eat a lot of vinegar, can dip in food to eat, to eat raw food, can also be put a little vinegar to regulate appetite when you drink soup.