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Traditional Chinese medicine: prevention and treatment of hypertension

  1. Pueraria lobata tea

Pueraria lobata can improve brain blood circulation and has better mitigation effects on headache, dizziness, tinnitus, lumbar acid, leg pain and other symptoms due to hypertension. Often drink pueraria lobata tea for the treatment of hypertension has an obvious curative effect.

Method: wash pueraria lobata and cut into slices. Take 30 grams per day and decoct with water.

  1. Lotus leaf tea

The infusion and decoction of lotus leaves has effects on expanding blood vessels, clearing heat, clearing summer-heat and lowering blood pressure lowering. At the same time, lotus leaf is also a good medicine for losing weight.

Treatment of hypertension method: wash half of fresh lotus leaf, chop, add some water and boil.

  1. Cassia seed tea

Cassia seed has effects on lowering blood pressure, decreasing blood lipids, clearing liver and improving eyesight.

Method: take 15 to 20 grams of cassia seed to soak tea with boiling water every day. It is a good medical material for the treatment of hypertension, dizziness and unclear vision.

  1. Chrysanthemum tea

In here chrysanthemum should be as chamomile. Its taste is not bitter. Especially, large white chrysanthemum or small white chrysanthemum from Hangzhou is the best.  It has remarkable curative effect on patients with hypertension and arteriosclerosis.

Each time, brew 3 grams and take 3 times a day. The chrysanthemum, honeysuckle and licorice root can also be used to decoct together.

Function: clear liver fire, improve eyesight, clear heat and remove toxin.

  1. Loranthaceae tea

Loranthaceae is a kidney tonic herb. In clinical medicine, decoct loranthaceae with water to drink, which has obvious auxiliary curative effects on the treatment of hypertension.

Method: 15 grams of dried loranthaceae, decoct with water for 15 minutes and then drink, take in morning and evening every day.

  1. Polygonum multiflorum tea

Polygonum multiflorum has effects on lowering blood lipid and reducing formation of thrombus. People with hyperlipemia often drink polygonum multiflorum tea, which has an obviously curative effect.

Method: decoct 20 ~ 30 grams with water for 30 minutes. When the tea is cool, drink it. Take one dose every day.

  1. Hawthorn tea

Hawthorn contains ingredients can help digestion, expand blood vessels, reduce blood sugar and lower blood pressure.

Method: soak fresh hawthorn fruit 1 to 2 with boiling water.

Of course, patients with high blood pressure have to be from the diet to control. Reduce the sodium salt, reduce dietary fat, and supplement the amount of high-quality protein, pay attention to supplement calcium and potassium, eat more vegetables and fruits, give up smoking and drink water scientifically.



“Five immortalities” in Chinese herbal medicine

1, astragalus can regulate blood sugar and lower blood lipids.01300000432220136506847772900

Feature: for women, nourish qi and blood is almost a lifetime task. To nourish qi and blood,tonify spleen is the most important task. Astragalus is the best chinese herbal medicine in nourishing spleen. If cooperate with angelica sinensis, the effect will be better.

Research shows that it can improve human immunity, promote human metabolism, regulate blood sugar, lower blood lipids, but also to enhance the level of antioxidant substances sod in the body and prevent aging.

2, polygonum multiflorum can nourish liver, tonify kidney, boost essence and engender blood.

U9514P1480DT20130823113738Features: polygonum multiflorum sold in pharmacies has raw polygonum multiflorum and cooked polygonum multiflorum. Dry the fresh polygonum multiflorum in the sun or by baking. People call it raw polygonum multiflorum. Mix polygonum multiflorum with black bean sauce, steam to brown and dry into black. People call it prepared radix polygoni multiflori, also cooked polygonum multiflorum. Prepared radix polygoni multiflori nourish liver and kidney and boost essence and blood. It is warm but dry, complementary and not greasy. It is the best medicine for nourishing. For the women with overwork, prepared radix polygoni multiflori is the best tonic medicine. Studies have reported that polygonum multiflorum promote growth of nerve cell and improve the ability of liver cell transformation and metabolism of cholesterol.

3, poria can prevent ageing of the intestines and stomach.2-15012Q6354R03

Features: reducing age can not only refer to the skin, the stomach also the needs anti-aging. Often get indigestion, no appetites, abdominal distention and rumbling stomach, all these situations indicating stomach and intestines grow old. Poria is the best anti-aging medicine. If use poria with codonopsis, chinese yam and semen nelumbinis, the effect will be more excellent.

The study also found that poria can regulate the function of the nervous system, effectively prolong the life of the brain cells, improve the hearing and vision and improve the intelligence and memory.

4, licorice root can stop cough and prevent ageing.

18-140320143I3607Features: licorice root not only can stop cough, but also can strongly prevent aging. Modern women have large work pressure, irregular diet and lifestyle and overthinks, and women prone to fatigue, weakness, insomnia and other symptoms. In view of the deficiency of heart and spleen, honey-fried licorice root is a good medicine. In addition, licorice root also can lower blood pressure, reduce blood lipids, prevent gene mutation and prevent cancer. It is a very good anti-aging herbal medicine.

5, panax notoginseng is the best choice for nourish qi

Features: ginseng is a good thing as we all know. It is good because the ginseng is the best tonic for nourishing qi, but it is not suitable for ordinary women. Compared with ginseng, panax notoginseng is a better choice in the cost and applicability.

Panax notoginseng has the anti-aging effects, which can be described both inside and outside. In the inside: panax notoginseng can expand blood vessels, reduce vascular resistance, increase cardiac output, slow down the heart rate and reduce the oxygen consumption of myocardium and capillary permeability and effectively prevent cardiovascular problems.

In the outside: panax notoginseng can clear the blood stasis, nourish the blood and have a good effect on facial pigmentation due to the qi deficiency.