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Poria as food and medicine has good effects on treat disease.

Poria is sweet, light and neutral. It has Function of removing swelling, excreting dampness, strengthening spleen and calming the mind. It can be used in the treatment of various kinds of edema, spleen deficiency syndrome and heart palpitations and insomnia. The function of strengthening sleen and calming the mind is particularly important.

Due to poria is neutral in nature, poria can long term take. Poria can be used in excess syndrome and deficiency syndrome, which is one of the major features of calming the mind. Many other drugs are irreplaceable. It has good effects on insomnia.


Insomnia: take 50 grams of Poria and decoct 2 times with water.  Take juice about 100 ml and take 2 times.  Respectively take in naps and bedtime before half an hour.  1 month has one course. Stop all the sedative, fast food and spicy food during the medication.

Edema:  eat biscuit with 30%content of poria.  Each adult take 8 pieces (each piece contains 3.5 grams of drug), and take 3 times a day and children keep half.

Infantile diarrhea:  grind poria into fine powder, each time takes 0.5 to 1 grams and take 3 times a day. In clinical, it is used in the treatment of infantile diarrhea.

Rheumatoid arthritis: 50 grams of poria, 30 grams of Radix stephaniae tetrandrae and 30 grams of achyranthes. Decoct three times to take juice without residue. Stew a pettitoe to take two meals and even take 7 days.

Cardiac edema: 50 grams of poria, 30 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of Pericarpium Arecae, 20 grams of Alismataceae and 30 grams of  ligusticum wallichii. Decoct with water with three times to take juice without residue. Use medicine juice to cook 50 grams of rice into porridge. Eat three meals a day and even take 2 months.

Morbid leucorrhea: 30 grams of poria powder, 30 grams of psyllium seed, 60 grams of rice, appropriate amount of sugar. Decoct psyllium seed (bundle) with 300 ml of water. When cook for half an hour, remove the gruffs. Add rice, poria powder and the appropriate amount of water to cook porridge. Add the appropriate amount of sugar. Take 2 times a day with empty stomach. Function: excreting dampnessm, clearing heat and strengthening spleen.it is suitable for morbid leucorrhea. Note: pregnant women should not use.


Saffron Crocus

Safflower saffron, saffron.Saffron dry stigma of irides plants.Originating in Spain, in countries such as 藏红花Iran, Saudi Arabia planting also has a long history.
Saffron unique magical effect, by Chinese and foreign medicine is widely used in the prevention and treatment of cerebral thrombosis, vasculitis, myocardial infarction, anaemia empty, menoxenia, postpartum bleeding, aches, injuries and diseases such as neurasthenia, horrified to madness.Saffron is medicine and food plants, is the world’s most expensive medicinal plants, and high-grade spices.
Sexual flavour and return the: gan, ping.For centering, liver.
Functions and indications: huoxue huayu, cooling blood detoxification, resolve depression nerves.Poison for amenorrhea, postpartum YuZu, spot, melancholy, horrified to crazy.
Usage and dosage: 1 ~ 3 g, decoction or boiling water to soak clothes.Note: if pregnant.
On the west safflower tea 
Recommended dosage: take on the west safflower filaments six to eight root, with boiled water after soaking.
Conditioning: yangxue blood tonic, row poison to raise colour, enhance immunity, also can be applied to the elderly health care keeping in good health.
“On the west safflower mask”
Formula: safflower 3 g, angelica dahurica 10 grams, 10 grams of peach blossom.
Conditioning: whitening skin, boost skin luster and elasticity, anti-wrinkle, spot, resistance to oxidation and aging skin.
Usage and dosage: do facial mask powder, modulation with honey.The qua876920_150401218000_2ntity of the above for 1 day, every night before bed apply face, 7 days for a period of treatment, apply face to wipe before allergy tests in the wrist.

Formula: American ginseng 6 grams, on the west safflower 1 g, 4 g notoginseng powder, broken wall 4 grams upon maturity of lingzhi only.
Use method: powder a blunt, middle-late three points before taking, with better effect of cordyceps sinensis.
Function: used for various treatment and prevention of cancer, can significantly improve the life quality of patients with radiation and chemotherapy.
【 overhand ufa 】
40 grams of formula: on the west safflower 3 g, poria cocos, 40 g of fleece-flower root, mulberry 60 grams, 40 grams of gynostemma, 40 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 40 grams of walnuts, sesame 40 grams.
Method of use: powder, before sleeping in the evening a blunt, 15 days for a course of treatment.Role: yangxue kidney, prevent hair loss, ufa.

Relieve Exterior Syndrome

That medicine can clear heat from the fleshy exterior, promote sweat and relieving exterior syndrome, which we called drugs for relieving exterior syndrome.

Drugs for relieving exterior syndrome mostly have the pungent taste. The pungent taste can diverge and prompt the patient sweating.  It can clear exogenous evil with the sweat and relieve exterior syndrome. This medicine has warm and cold in property. Thus it has different indication. It enters lung and bladder meridians. Its indication is related with cycle routes taiyin and viscera lung channel of hand and taiyang bladder channel of foot.

The prescription that is mostly based on drugs for relieving exterior syndrome is called formula for relieving superficies syndrome.

This kind of medicine is mainly used for exterior syndrome with the invasion of six excesses.  There are some symptoms: aversion to cold with fever, headache and floating pulse. Or it can be used for exterior syndrome with the poor or rheumatism.

Clinically, exterior syndrome has exterior syndrome due to wind-cold and win-heat. People with wind cold are suitable to acrid-warm herbs relieving superficies, but people with wind heat are fit for cold-pungent diaphoresis. In addition, if exterior syndrome with qi, blood, yin and yang deficiency, people should use with the invigoration drugs. It can strengthen body resistance and eliminate evil to strong vital QI leading to retreat of pathogen. Thus, the drugs for relieving exterior syndrome are divided into acrid-warm herbs relieving superficies, cold-pungent diaphoresis and strengthening body resistance and relieving exterior syndrome.

Notes of drugs for relieving exterior syndrome:

  1. The drugs has pungent taste with having dispersing effect, so it can not decoct for long time to avoid dissipate drug properties and reduce the dissipation effect.
  2. After taking drugs, people should avoid the wind cold. For example, people with exterior syndrome due to affection of exogenous wind-cold can add clothing to prompt sweating.
  1. Resolving exterior syndrome with sweating. It should stop with slight sweating due to avoid consuming qi and injuring yin of large sweating. People should discontinue taking medication as soon as get effect. Do not take it not for long time.
  2. People with yang deficiency and spontaneous perspiration, yin deficiency and night sweats, ulcer and sore for a long time as well as blood loss should not individually use formula for relieving superficies syndrome. If needed, people can add products with strengthening body resistance to eliminate evil without hurting body.

Disintoxication Powder

Material: 4.5 grams of notopterygium root,  Chinese thorowax root,  radix peucedani, 4.5 grams of radix angelicae tuhuo, fructus aurantii, Poria, Schizonepeta, radix sileris, Radix Platycodonis and Ligusticum wallichii, 1.5 grams of  licorice.

Indications: initial sore with swelling and pain, aversion to cold with fever, no sweat without thirsty, thin and white tongue coating and superficial and rapid pulse.

Rhizoma Cimicifugae and Radix Puerariae Soup

Material: 10 grams of rhizoma cimicifugae, Chinese peony and prepared radix glycyrrhizae, 15 grams of radix puerariae

Indications: initial measles, headache due to heat body, cough, lacrimation due to bloodshot eyes, thirst, red tongue, thin and dry fur as well as superficial and rapid pulse ( this product also can used for herpes zoster , herpes simplex, varicella, diarrhea and acute bacillary dysentery)