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Hawthorn can strengthen spleen, stimulate appetite and relieving indigestion

Hawthorn, people with weight loss and children with indigestion like it. Hawthorn contains iron, protein, fat, carbohydrates and other nutrients. Hawthorn fruit can be used in medicine. It is tepid in property with sour sweet, which enters the spleen, stomach and liver meridians. It has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, strengthening stomach and stopping dysentery. It is effective for diarrhea and dysentery, lower hernia with back pain, postpartum occipital pain, lochiorrhea, children with milk and food stagnation and so on.


  1. Decoct 15 grams hawthorn slices, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, and 15 grams of cassia occidentalis with water. It can also be made of chrysanthemum and hawthorn and cassia occidentalis powder. It can relax the bowels, lower blood pressure and reduce blood lipid. It is suitable for patients with hypertension and coronary heart disease to drink.
  2. Decoct 15 grams of hawthorn and 12 grams of lotus leaf with water. It can reduce blood pressure and dilate blood vessels. It is applicable to patients with hypertension and high cholesterol to take.
  3. Abdominal pains due to postpartum blood stasis: decoct 30 grams of hawthorn with water. Take juice and remove residue. Add brown sugar and take 2 times a day.

Medical diets:

Hawthorn and coix seed porridge

Material: 30 grams of hawthorn, 30 grams of coix seed, 30 grams of glutinous rice.

Method: wash hawthorn and coix seed. Add glutinous rice to cook together. Take 1 times every day.slide_shanzha-543b99794ff1f

Functions: Hawthorn can help digestion, coix seed can eliminate dampness, and glutinous rice can nourish stomach. The three has effects on clearing away heat and dampness and nourishing stomach. It is suitable for high blood lipids and fatty liver due to endoretention of damp heat.

Honey and hawthorn porridge

Materials: 50 grams of honey, 30 grams of hawthorn, 50 grams of glutinous rice.

Method: first wash glutinous rice and hawthorn and put into boiling water to cook with glutinous rice. Add honey in porridge. Take each 1 time in the morning and evening.

Functions: honey can nourish yin and moisten intestine. Hawthorn can relax bowel. Glutinous rice can strengthen spleen and tonify qi. This porridge combines the three, which can tonifying the middle energizer and tonify qi and relax bowel.  It is suitable for senile constipation due to lung deficiency and weakness of spleen and stomach.



Prescription for Insomnia

Scallion stalk and red dates soup

20 grains of red dates, 8 roots of Scallion stalk. Soak red dates hair, wash, add 250 ml of water and simmer for 20 minutes. Then add scallion stalk, continue with small fire to simmer for 15 minutes. People drink with warm temperature, every day 1 ~ 3 times and each 150 to 200 ml.

Treatment: dispelling wind and cold, enhancing spleen and nourishing heart, which is suitable for insomnia due to neurasthenia, dreaminess, upset etc..

lotus seed , osmanthus fragrans and rock candy soup

Material: 120 grams of lotus, 150 grams of rock candy, 15 grams of osmanthus fragrans

Method: soak lotus seed with cold water, remove the heart, and then put on the steamer to steam for 45 minutes and spare. Soak tremella fuciformis with warm water until become soft, and then remove yellow root, wash, steamed and spare. Put fit amount of water into the pot, add rock candy and osmanthus fragrans to fire to boil, and then add tremella fuciformis with slightly boil, put into a large bowl, then put the steamed lotus seeds into a large bowl and pour rock candy sauce of pot into the bowl. It also can match with edible.

Treatment: nourishing yin and moistening lungs as well as tonifying and spleening soothe the nerves. It is used to treat insomnia, dry cough, vexation, dry throat and loss of appetite due to a variety of chronic lesion of heart and lung.

Appropriate food for people with insomnia:

1, the choice of the staple food and beans: wheat, buckwheat and other food with rich mineral..

2, the choice of vegetables: yam, onion, daylily, such food with rich calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

3, the choice of fruit: people with insomnia because of excessive fatigue can eat some apples, bananas, pears and other fruits, these fruits are alkaline food, which has the effect on anti muscle fatigue.

4, other: pay attention to eat more food to help the brain to calm.

Diet taboo of people with insomnia:

1, avoid spicy food, such as pepper which can make nerves be excited, aggravate panasthenia and have insomnia.

2, avoid the food is not easy to digest, such as fried food, fat meat, sticky rice, sticky surface, which impact sleep due to the time of staying in the stomach is too long.

3, avoid excitant food, such as smoke, wine, tea, cocoa, and Coffee.

4, ensure that reasonable and moderate eating without eating too much before going to bed.