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Try three teas of traditional Chinese medicine to stop pain due to Hemorrhoid

A hemorrhoid is a common disease in our life, which is a common disease in the anus. It can be gotten in any age. There are many reasons for the pathogenesis of hemorrhoid. Sedentary, long standing and overwork all will affect blood circulation, slow blood flow within the pelvic and make abdominal organ congestion. Cause hemorrhoid vein overfilling, protuberating, varix and tension of vein wall declining. Tea of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the treatment methods of treating Hemorrhoid. The followings are three prescriptions of tea:

Ginger tea1a64e748ab364381a6600b61ebb5776b

Method: Take a handful of tea and seven ginger slices in water. Decoct or soak in boiling water. Take 1-2 dosages every day. Take white it has warm temperature.

Ginger is hot and pungent in property. It enters stomach meridian. It can warm the stomach for dispelling cold and stop vomiting. Tea can induce astringency and promote urine. This ginger tea can warm stomach, remove dampness through diuresis, astringe the intestines and stop dysentery. It can recover transportation and transformation of spleen and stomach and enhance strength, which has excellent health care function on anorectal tissue.

Cassia seed tea

f7422a22006f2548afa4ea4307aad801Method: Take 30 grams of Cassia seed to fry. Then, crush and soak with boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Often take instead of tea.

Cassia seed is the rope seed of cassia tora as leguminous plants, also known as semen cassia. It has effects on clearing liver, improving vision and relaxing bowel. Pharmacological experiments show that it contains chrysophanol, emodin and aloe emodin ingredients, which can lower blood pressure, prevent bacterial and promote bowel. Its laxative effect is often used in the treatment of a variety of anorectal diseases.

Sophora leaf tea

Method: Take 15 grams of sophora leaf (steam and dry) to soak in boiling water for 15 minutes. Add some sugar.

Sophora leaf is cool in property. It has effects on clearing heat and cooling blood and treating well in bloody stool, hemorrhoidal bleeding and bloody stranguria due to exuberant fire in large intestine or heat accumulation. Sophora leaf contains eldrin and flavonoid can reduce the amount of blood capillary dilate, maintain normal capillary resistance, restore normal vascular elasticity, reduce permeability and achieve hemostasis.

Tips:  Choose tea according to individual physical differences. People with overabundance of yang should take green Tea, people with deficiency-cold should take Black Tea and people with flat physique are suitable flower tea.



The various methods of cooking Goji Berry

QQ截图20150818110245Goji berry tea:

Goji berry can take throughout all the year. It is suitable to make a cup of tea in summer, but the best is to soak tea in the afternoon. It can improve the physique and be conducive to sleep. However, something should be noted that goji berry is unfavorable to match with green tea. Goji berry is suitable for chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, sterculia scaphigera and rock candy to soak together. People with eyestrain on computer are especially suitable to take.

Goji berry porridge:10688781_190007914000_2

goji berry is suitable to cook porridge in winter and it can match with all kinds of porridges.

Stew goji berry with mutton:

It is also very suitable for consumption in winter.

Fry goji berry with mushrooms:

After adding goji berry, homemade cooking will have a good taste. For example fry goji berry with mushrooms is a vegetable dish with good color and taste.

Goji berry and corn soup:

It has delicious taste and beautiful color.

Goji berry has two magic effects: whitening, beautifying, nourishing and tonifying yang.21-130313161TD63

For women: often eat goji berry can have effect on whitening and beautifying. Furtherer more, goji berry has quietly entered the foreign supermarket,more and more people gradually come to understand that goji berry has higher vitamin  content than the orange, beta carotene content higher than carrots and  higher iron content than steak.

For men: more attractive point is that goji berry can have an effect on strengthening yang. Thus, smart businesses in britain simply called goji berry “fruit viagra”.

Unsuitable crowd: goji berry is not suitable for all people to take. Due to its quite strong effect on warming body, people with cold, fever, body inflammation, diarrhea and hypertension are forbidden to take.

Reasonable dosage: generally speaking, healthy adults eat about 20 grams per day of goji berry, it will be more appropriate. If you want to get better effect of treatment, the best is to eat 30 grams or so.


Four classical prescription of Chinese medicine treating hypertension

  1. mulberry leaf and yellow chrysanthemum tea1402037077714

Materials: 30grams of mulberry leaf, 10 grams of yellow chrysanthemum

Method: wash the materials and put into marmite with appropriate water. Decoct with soft fire and take juice without residue. Take orally and t times a day.

Function: it can treat hypertension and dizziness.

  1. Goji berry juice1aaa30d04c4bb848

Materials: 500 grams of goji berry stem and leaf

Method: Cook stem and leaf of goji berry with appropriate water. Drink juice.

Function: goji berry can calm the liver, nourish qi and boost essence. It is the best tonic food for people with hypertension. Especially, it is suitable for the older.

  1. radix puerariae power and chrysanthemum tea76952bca8fa8253bbf09e610

Materials: 20 grams of chrysanthemum, 50 grams of radix puerariae power and appropriate of honey

Method: bake chrysanthemum and grind i

nto powder. Add it into boiling radix puerariae paste. Mix with small honey. Take once every day.

Function: it can treat hypertension.

  1. treasures teashop-4C694DDA-C7C23607000000000000000121029319.1

Materials: 60 grams of Pu’er tea, 60 grams of chrysanthemum, 60 grams of momordica grosvenori

Method: grind all the materials into powder. Use gauze bag (crypta bags is better). Each bag has 20 grams. Take once every day with one bag. Brew with boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink slowly when worm.

Function: it can treat nourish liver and benefit kidney. It can treat hypertension.


Red Dates

1, dates steamed, which can prevent asthma

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the dates have the effect on nursing back to health organs, nourishing blood, invigorating Yang and promote secretion of saliva. Eat dates can play to prevent asthma role well. Asthma patients, especially older patients should adhere to eat steamed dates (eat 5 pieces of bid dates and eat eight pieces of small dates)  to improve the spirit and enhance the body immunity.

2, Jujube’ tea, which can protect throat and benefit qi 

Red dates after frying into black to make tea can cure stomach cold and stomachache. If add the longan, it is a tea of replenishing blood and Qi

3, Jujube soup, which can relieve cough and moisten lung

Materials: tremella: 20 grams (about half a tremella), red dates: 20 grains, rock sugar: 60 grams (according to each of the tastes)

Method: put the tremella into water to soak, pluck pedicle head, tear into small pieces and then put it into the pot with red dates and rock sugar together. Add 6 bowls of water, after firing boil, switch to slow fire to cook for half an hour. Finally it can be stalled.

4 Jujube cook with eggs, which can nourish blood and keep beauty

Red dates and longan cook with brown sugar water, until date become mashed and longan become soft to hit an egg. Then continue to use small fire to warm to make egg boiled. Red dates, longan and brown sugar has the function of enriching blood,so boiled egg is very nourishing.

5,Jujube porridge, which can relax spirit and help sleep

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, women with symptoms of restlessness and, distraction can be available to use fit amount of lily and lotus to match with red dates to nurse. If boiled with millet together, it can better play effect on relaxing of the red dates.

6,Jujube wine, which can make blood vessel unimpeded

In the process of soaking, rich nutrients of red dates more easily dissolved in the wine. Have some effect on keeping the blood vessel open. To find one that is suitable for one’s own life and the most important thing is health.

7 Jujube soaked in water, which can raise liver and clear toxin

Experiments have proved that people with bad function of liver drink red dates water every day and keep this one week can increase serum protein in the human body so as to achieve the efficacy of clearing liver toxin. The details of soaking a red date determines the level of its efficacy. Peel of red dates is not easy to digest. If the whole red date soaked, it is difficult to completely be dissolve. It would be better to break apart to brew. Also note that the fresh red dates are not suitable to soak or decoct, because it has very high vitamin C content and boiling water will seriously damage the dimension C.

9,Jujube cook with rice, which can prolong life.

Material: 10-20 grams of codonopsis pilosula, 20 grains of dates, 250 grams of rice, 50 grams of sugar.

Methods: decoct codonopsis pilosula and dates with water for half an hour, remove the dregs of codonopsis residue. Then steam glutinous rice, spread dates on rice. Fry soup of dates and codonopsis pilosula into thick juice, and then pour in the rice. Finally

Taboos When Taking Chinese Herbal Medicines

Compared to traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, the side effects of human body is very small, almost equal to zero, but drug toxicity is, Chinese traditional medicine really don’t have any side effects?Is Chinese traditional medicine side effect is small, but to eat Chinese traditional medicine taboos cannot ignore.
Avoid radish
When taking Chinese traditional medicine don’t eat raw turnip, since the role of the radish is digested and broken gas, especially when you’re taking ginseng and astragalus membranaceus when tonic effect of traditional Chinese medicine, eat radish can severely weakened ginseng tonic herbs, thereby reducing effect influence the effect of the treatment.
Avoid cold
Cold food cold, more difficult to digest.Cold food easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, also affect the gastrointestinal absorption of the drug.Eat Chinese traditional medicine from time to tome what taboo food?Reason in the treatment of “han zheng” medicine such as warm t2dm, wet, remove cold or warm spleen and stomach medicine, must avoid cold food.
Avoid strong tea
Generally when taking Chinese traditional medicine not to drink strong tea, because tea contains tannic acid, strong tea contains more tannic acid, with Chinese traditional medicine take will affect the absorption of active ingredients in Chinese medicine, reduce the curative effect.Especially in taking “gelatin”, “silver”, avoid is to suit with the tea, at the same time take the tannic acid in tea, alkaloids, such as precipitation, affect the body to absorb.
If you have a cup of tea is a habit, so I suggest you drink some green tea less appropriate, if not to drink, can be in 2 to 3 hours after taking Chinese traditional medicine after drinking green tea.
Avoid spicy
Hot spicy food more warm, pneumatic heat consumption.If taking heat disease, Yin fluid and cool blood ziyin medicine or carbuncle sores chuangdu heat disease treatment, such as diet acrimony.Eat Chinese traditional medicine from time to tome what taboo food?Like Onions, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat, spicy hot product, if eat, will offset the effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), some will also trigger inflammation, injury Yin blood (bleeding).
Avoid greasy
Greasy food more oily, help ShengTan wet, slippery bowel stagnant air, not easy to digest and absorb, and greasy food and medicines to prevent gastrointestinal on drug absorption of active ingredients, thus reducing effect.
During taking Chinese traditional medicine, such as meat eating greasy foods, is bound to affect the absorption of Chinese traditional medicine, in this paper, phlegmy wet heavier, spleen and stomach weak, indigestion, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, high blood viscosity and obesity patients must diet animal fats such as fat.

Beauty-slimming Tea

Exercise to lose weight and have no time, go on a diet and resist the temptation of delicious treats, and take diet pills being afraid of side effects. How to become slim quickly is being upsetting thing for the women. Here, teach you a shortcut way to lose weight without exercise or diet. Homemade beauty-slimming tea is easy to lose body fat.

1, Kelp slimming tea
Ingredients: 20 seaweed, 3 plum, 20 grains Chinese wolfberry.
Usage: wash the raw materials and, together with the 400 ml of boiling water into the pot, after boiling for 10 minutes. To drink soup, feed raw materials.
Efficacy: this tea can prevent thyroid lesions, lower cholesterol, eliminate fat, tight muscles, the effect of beautification body curve
2, Beauty-slimming tea
Ingredients:  ebony3 g,  chrysanthemum 5g, 10 grains Chinese wolfberry.
Usage: put the raw material with 500 ml of boiling water in the pot, decoction for 20 minutes.
Efficacy: this tea has the effect of thirst thirst, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, women often drink the tea, can achieve weight, lipid, detoxification, beautiful skin.
3, Two flowers  tea
Ingredients: chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, hawthorn 15 grams each.
Usage: put the raw material with 500 ml of boiling water in the pot, decoction for half an hour.
Efficacy: this tea is helping, the effect of drying, cooling, digestion solution, can be used in the treatment of vertigo, soothe a sore throat, and is often used to wait for disease prevention and control of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease.
4, Tonifying spleen tea
Ingredients: orange peel 10 grams, 15 grams of lotus leaf, hawthorn, raw malt 3 grams each.
Usage: put the raw material with 500 ml of boiling water in the pot, use small fire fry cook for 20 minutes.
Efficacy: this tea has strong spleen, lipid-lowering efficacy of losing weight.
5, Lotus leaf diet tea
Ingredients: lotus leaf 15 grams, 5 grams of fructus ligustri lucidi, Polygonum Multiflorum 10 g.
Usage: after the above raw material with 500 ml of boiling water, can drink.
Efficacy: this tea is fall hematic fat, thin body effect.