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Taboos When Taking Chinese Herbal Medicines

Compared to traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine, the side effects of human body is very small, almost equal to zero, but drug toxicity is, Chinese traditional medicine really don’t have any side effects?Is Chinese traditional medicine side effect is small, but to eat Chinese traditional medicine taboos cannot ignore.
Avoid radish
When taking Chinese traditional medicine don’t eat raw turnip, since the role of the radish is digested and broken gas, especially when you’re taking ginseng and astragalus membranaceus when tonic effect of traditional Chinese medicine, eat radish can severely weakened ginseng tonic herbs, thereby reducing effect influence the effect of the treatment.
Avoid cold
Cold food cold, more difficult to digest.Cold food easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, also affect the gastrointestinal absorption of the drug.Eat Chinese traditional medicine from time to tome what taboo food?Reason in the treatment of “han zheng” medicine such as warm t2dm, wet, remove cold or warm spleen and stomach medicine, must avoid cold food.
Avoid strong tea
Generally when taking Chinese traditional medicine not to drink strong tea, because tea contains tannic acid, strong tea contains more tannic acid, with Chinese traditional medicine take will affect the absorption of active ingredients in Chinese medicine, reduce the curative effect.Especially in taking “gelatin”, “silver”, avoid is to suit with the tea, at the same time take the tannic acid in tea, alkaloids, such as precipitation, affect the body to absorb.
If you have a cup of tea is a habit, so I suggest you drink some green tea less appropriate, if not to drink, can be in 2 to 3 hours after taking Chinese traditional medicine after drinking green tea.
Avoid spicy
Hot spicy food more warm, pneumatic heat consumption.If taking heat disease, Yin fluid and cool blood ziyin medicine or carbuncle sores chuangdu heat disease treatment, such as diet acrimony.Eat Chinese traditional medicine from time to tome what taboo food?Like Onions, garlic, pepper, mutton, dog meat, spicy hot product, if eat, will offset the effect of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), some will also trigger inflammation, injury Yin blood (bleeding).
Avoid greasy
Greasy food more oily, help ShengTan wet, slippery bowel stagnant air, not easy to digest and absorb, and greasy food and medicines to prevent gastrointestinal on drug absorption of active ingredients, thus reducing effect.
During taking Chinese traditional medicine, such as meat eating greasy foods, is bound to affect the absorption of Chinese traditional medicine, in this paper, phlegmy wet heavier, spleen and stomach weak, indigestion, hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, high blood viscosity and obesity patients must diet animal fats such as fat.


The Effect and Function of Licorice Root/Gan Cao

 The effect of licorice root/gan cao                                          甘草

Tonify spleen yiqi, clearing heat and removing toxicity, expectorant cough, pain, and the medicine. Be used in spleen and stomach weakness, languid, palpitation and shortness of breath,
Cough phlegm, rou GUI, limb twin acute pain, carbuncle swollen chuangdu, reduce drug toxicity, high.

The function of licorice root/gan cao:

1. Be used for heart qi deficiency, palpitations palpitation, pulse generation, and the spleen and stomach qi deficiency, languid, etc.The former, and cassia twig compatibility, such as cassia twig licorice soup, main licorice soup.The latter, usually used with dangshen, atractylodes, such as sijunzi decoction, the principle of pill.                      

2. Be used for ulcer ulcers, sore throats and so on.Can use, internal or external, or compatibility of the application.Ulcer ulcers, usually used with honeysuckle, forsythia, altogether plays the function of heat-clearing and detoxicating as XianFang alive.Sore throats, often Shared with platycodon grandiflorum, such as characteristics of soup.If the pesticides, food poisoning, often with mung bean or with storm water decoction.

3. Be used for asthma and cough.Can be used alone, or application compatibility of other drugs.Such as wet phlegm cough 2 Chen Shang;Cure cold phlegm cough and gasp the three f mixed Jiang Xinshang;Dry phlegm cough SangXing soup;Cure pulmonary abscess due to toxic heat salivary foul pus sputum platycodon grandiflorum soup;Your cough salivary salivary licorice of spray dry ginger soup, etc.The wind hot cough, cold, hot phlegm cough cough compatibility is often applied.

4. Be used for stomach pain, abdominal pain and gastrocnemius twin acute pain, etc., often Shared with peony, can significantly enhance the curative effect of twin acute pain, such as peony liquorice decoction.

5. Be used for adjusting high harmonic certain drugs.Such as seasoning bearing gas Shang Yongben product function and to ease the rhubarb and mirabilite in gastrointestinal tract irritation.In addition, also used in many prescription of this product to reconcile the medicine.
In addition, modern for gastric and duodenal ulcer, usually used with cuttlefish bone, corrugated board.This product is both diuretic effect, reason often with hay tip as auxiliary medicine for the treatment of thermal spray urine pain.

Western medicine pharmacology, licorice root agent have anti-inflammatory and abnormal reflect the function of the resistance, so mainly as a moderator in western medicine clinic.Relieve a cough expectorant, treatment of sore throat sore throats;Licorice and glycyrrhetinic acid has deoxycorticosterone class effect, had a good effect on chronic disease of adrenal cortex hypofunction.Licorice preparation can promote the formation and secretion of gastric mucus, prolong the life of the epithelial cells, have anti-inflammatory activity, often used for the treatment of chronic ulcer and duodenal ulcer;Licorice flavonoids anti-inflammatory, spasmolysis and acid resistant;Licorice is also one of the main raw material of Dan.

Licorice root is also widely used in food industry, refined candy, candy and gum.Licorice extract is a manufacturer of chocolate emulsifier, still can increase beer wine taste and aroma, improve dark beer consistency and colour and lustre, make some soft drinks and wine;Cigarette taste masking.In the chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, licorice also have wide USES.