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The “five elements” of the dialectical in TCM

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine said gold, wood, water, fire and earth 5 kinds of material movement and for the “five elements”.The concept of five elements has the following points: 1, single refers to five.

Five kinds of concrete material itself.According to the modern words can be thought of as: metal, wood, water, fire, land;2, respectively in this paper, the five characteristics of the material, such as the characteristics of the gold is interpromotion, hard;Wood is the feature of germinal, downy;The characteristics of the water is cold, downward;The characteristics of the fire is hot, attack on;The characteristics of the soil is immortality, change.3, properties of classification.Like all accord with the characteristics of five kinds of material things, including the body’s physiological and pathological characteristics belongs in the category of “five elements” material.Such as;With a clean, transforming, convergence effect such as food, belongs to the gold;Article has reached, soothing, germinal role of things, all belongs to wood;With a cold, moist, run down, belongs to water;With warm, rise or of the nature of things, all attributable to the fire;With bearing, biochemical, permissive role of things, all belong to soil.Four, five elements theory do not exist in isolation between the “five elements”, phase, phase grams of the relationship between each other, to sustain the development of things.Because it can image shows that the nature of things, so the ancients France medicine and syndrome differentiation in TCM ShiZhiZhong the five elements theory.