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Chinese herbal medicines for lowering lipid

There are a lot of people in the life that are troubled by high blood lipid.  In our traditional Chinese medicine, which can help us to remove bold lipid? Introduce some Chinese herbal medicines for your reference.

Rheum officinale

The medicinal part is dry rhizome, which taste bitter with cold property. It enters spleen, stomach, intestine, liver and pericardium meridians. It has effects on purging heat, relaxing bowel, clear indigestion, remove blood stasis and clear damp-heat.

Rheum officinale mainly contains two components: one is the derivative, about 2% ~ 4%, including emodin, rhubarb, parietic acid, aloe emodin, etc. and another is glycosides mainly is glucogallin. In addition, it also contains gallic acid.

Rheum officinale with fructus aurantii immaturus and atractylodes can promote digestion and remove food retention. Rheum officinale can cause intestinal contraction, promote secretion and purgation. Rheum officinale has the effect of lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol.

Cassia seed

The medical part is dry and mature seed. Cassia seed is slightly cold with bitter taste. It enters liver, gallbladder and kidney meridians. It has effects on clearing heat, improving eyesight and relaxing bowel. Experiments show that, cassia seed has the effects of lowering blood pressure, reducing blood lipid and prevent bacteria. For the treatment of hyperlipidemia, it has certain curative effect.

Note: people with diarrhea and hypotension are forbidden to take.

Radix Bupleuri

Medicinal part is root or the whole grass, which is slightly cold with bitter taste. It enters liver and kidney meridians. It can expel the vital energy, dispel melancholy and clear fire. Saponin of radix bupleuri has effects on reducing blood lipid.


Medicinal part is fruiting body, which is warm in property with sweet and light taste. Ganoderma is rich in sterols, alkaloids, protein, polysaccharide, amino acids, enzymes etc.  Boost essence and strong bones and muscles. It is used for mental fatigue, palpitations, insomnia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cerebral vascular sclerosis.

Rhizoma alismatis

The medicinal part is the dry tuber. It is cold in nature with sweet and salty taste. It enters kidney and bladder meridians. Mainly contains essential oil with furfural. The ethanol extract contains alkaloids, phytosterin, and asparagine. The water extract and benzene extractives contains anti fatty liver.



Recommend six kinds of the most effective traditional Chinese medicine for anti aging

  1. Astragalus

Modern research has found that astragalus not only can expand the coronary artery, improve supply of myocardial blood and improve immunity, but also can delay the process of cellular senescence.

  1. Polygonum multiflorum

Modern research found that polygonum multiflorum can promote the growth of nerve cells and play the role of adjuvant therapy in neurasthenia and other diseases of the nervous system. And it can regulate serum cholesterol, lower blood sugar and improve liver cell transformation and metabolism of cholesterol. Polygonum multiflorum also has good antioxidant effect.

  1. Ginseng

Modern research found that it also has effects on antioxidant, anti-aging and anti fatigue. Protect liver, regulate cardiovascular function and stimulate hematopoietic function.

  1. Panax notoginseng

Modern research has found that the chemical composition, pharmacological effects and clinical application of panax notoginsen is similar with the ginseng. The total saponins content exceeds the ginseng. Panax notoginsen can expand blood vessels, reduce blood vessel resistance, increase cardiac output, slow down the heart rate and reduce myocardial oxygen consumption and blood capillary permeability. In the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, it has more obvious advantages than ginseng.

  1. Goji berry

Resist arteriosclerosis, reduce blood sugar, promote the growth of liver cells, enhance body and has an effect on anti-aging.

  1. Ganoderma

Modern research has confirmed that ganoderma has regulatory effects on nervous system, respiratory system and cardiovascular system. It can regulate immunity, remove free radicals, balance metabolism and directly influence the process of human aging.


The methods, functions and effects of ganoderma

The indications of ganoderma:19300001328100131475255444085

It can treat virtual fatigue, cough, asthma, insomnia, indigestion and malignant tumor.  For circulation, it can reduce blood pressure and improve cardiac contraction contractility. For stagnation of chest and heart qi in respiratory system, it can nourish stomach, improve smart and memery. Long-term eating can strengthen body and prevent aging.

Eight functions

1: prevent tumor and improve immunity and regulation.  2. Reduce bloodsugar. 3: protect liver. 4. Prevent aging.5. Eliminate inflammation and stop pain. 6: protect heart 7: prevent grume. 8. Other effects.

Effect of ganoderma is slow, generally effect after taking 3-5 days.  Individual patients will work after to 30-60 days.

  1. ganoderma with other food and medicine can be taken at the same time, no taboo.
  2. ganoderma has curative effect depends on the treatment time, and the curative effect is good. The course of treatment was 1 to 3 months, or 5 to 8 months.
  3. . A few patients taking ganoderma will has slight discomfort, sleep such as gastric tide, dry throat, constipation,and sleepless.
  4. After eating chili and ginger, some people will appear reaction about dry mouth and sore throat. Continuously take, it will disappear. If the individual response is also serious, they can suspend to take. Take intermittent method.
  5. Each time, the stew juice can be repeated to boiling water once with full absorption of the drug.

Ganoderma and tremella soup

Promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, increase blood oxygen supply, and treat vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases. 5 grams of ganoderma, 5 grams of tremella and black fungus, amount of crystal sugar and right amount of rock candy

Method: wash all herbal medicine and cut into pieces. Put into bowl and add rock candy and water and put on steamer to steam. Take soup and eat fungus and tremella. Take over under 1 day. It can be used for a long time.

Ganoderma and jujube soup

Function: it has inhibitory effect on tumor cells.

Materials: 20 grams of ganoderma, 50 grams of jujube, 5 grams of honey.

Method: put herbs into pot to decoct with water. Take boiled liquid in two times, each time for 40 minutes and take juice. After the merger to join some honey.

Ganoderma and Chinese yam soup

Function: promote the blood circulation and improve the ability of pancreatic islet to produce insulin and reduce blood sugar. It is adjuvant therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Material: 15 grams of ganoderma, 30 grams of Chinese yam.

Method: wash the herbs and put into the casserole with water to decoct. Use soft fire to boil for 1 hour, pour out the first decoction, add water, suffering from a second decoction and then take juice.  Combine two decoction and then take. Take it with two times in morning and evening.


Efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine/Herbs Necessary For Family

Nine traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) fpr Each family keeping
Ganoderma/Purple Ganderma: thrift eliminate pathogenic;
Ginseng: eat a little bit every day, health live good blessing;
Astragalus root, leading to fill gas wants drug;
Ginger: royal best evil, helps the sun be the spirit of a sp;
Cogongrass rhizome: cool blood hemostasis grassroots cure too much;
Daisy: modern best protect liver tea;
Semen coicis: isn’t a pearl pearl;
Licorice: nurturing and raise colour, civilians tonic medicine;
Chinese prickly ash: spicy doctor. Chinese medicine cold very personality;

Good herbs to let a woman beautiful
Angelica: yangxue holy things, protect women life and peace;
Red: invigorate the circulation of women raise colour flower;
Herba leonuri, empress wu zetian agerasia beautician;
Snow lotus herb: iceberg visitors raise pattern time;
Wormwood: natural health “safeguard”;
Aloe vera: cleopatra by conquering the world;
Bletilla: herbal whitening fairy;
Kudzu root: antipyretic thirst “female ginseng”;
White Peony Root: Yin blood female bosom friend
Almonds: nourishes skin, ageless white NenNen;

Neutral in delicious on the table
The best food: tremella runfei ziyin;
Lily: what benefit five zang-organs, do good;
Patients with shepherd’s purse: “three highs” gourmet vegetable;
Mint: qing pharynx and larynx aromatherapy;
Anise: chronic gastritis relief medicine;
Gingko: treatment to cough and gasp the, shy;
Plantain: prostatitis patients the best diet.
Plantain lily: yangxue spot, as pretty as a flower without blemish;

The modern white-collar brain nerves solution
Gastrodiae: a wise man whole life confused;
Zizyphus jujube benevolence: insomnia, going we know not how, a dream with life;
Red: blood sedative, every day can be as snacks;
Day lily: brain sedative, joy and worry;
Longan: yangxue, mental and physical, said not over of benefit;
Lotus flower: blessed are resting to restore energy, solid essence, strong bones and muscles of baby;
Vision: the antidote to fright forgetfulness, insomnia, much dream;
The ease with which herbal detox
Honeysuckle: with that, the summer is cool and refreshing;
Dandelion: body long unknown swollen poison in it;
H. cordata: anti-inflammatory detoxification, small herbs have large effect;
Cassia seed: using the first eye in the history of medicine;
Loquat leaf: clearing lung heat loss;
Gardenia: good at the whole body heat detoxification;
Selfheal: heat purging fire, the first medicine to treat lymphatic tuberculosis;
Herba violae: anti detoxification medicine;
Peony: cool blood fine quality goods, the god of medicine;
Cluster: for external use can be heat-clearing and detoxifying “daughter”;
Rhizoma coptidis: five hot and humid, the world first bitter;
Ephedra: sweating?Stop sweat?See again with;