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6 Kinds of Food for Nourishing Blood

1, nourishing buffets – chinese yam
Mountain ingredients, cool, into the lung, spleen and kidney, compendium of material medica says it has to match tonify deficiency profit loss of function, the acknowledgement in the qing dynasty Chen Xiuyuan has explained the function of the yam, said it air into the lungs, gan into the spleen, blood and spleen system, the main limbs, blood and spleen is not hungry, limbs balloon;The main gas, gas filling in a lung is the intellectual man fit, gas for the multiplication of;Again because of the quality of a material is thick and sticky, can fill, kidney essence is enough strong Yin, prolong life.Modern pharmacological studies suggest that yam contains saponins, glycoprotein, tannins, check right element, yam alkali, choline, starch, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., have the effect that induce interferon, have certain anti-aging material base.Yam, therefore, it can raise blood tonifying qi, tonify deficiency treatment and prolong life.
2, amaranth,
Amaranth are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin k, have promote clotting, increase and improve the ability of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin content, promote hematopoietic effect and so on.Amaranth carotene contained more than 2 times the solanaceous fruit above, can provide rich nutrients for human body, is beneficial to strengthen physical health, improve the body’s immunity, is called “longevity food”.And do not contain oxalic acid in amaranth, contains calcium, iron, enter human body is easy to be absorbed after use.
3, spinach,
Spinach is a famous blood tonic food.Among them, spinach contains rich in iron, carotene and folic acid are very good to the health of human body.
4, longan
Longan with tonifying spleen blood tonic, bushing sedative effect, can treat insomnia, forgetfulness due to qi deficiency can lead to discomfort, such as is also a kind of good have smoked in the qi and blood.If women in the physiological period after physical weakness, also can tone up in longan.
5, red jujube
Red is a well known fill qi and blood.Jujube contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, organic acids, vitamin a, vitamin c, calcium minerals and so on the many kinds of amino acids and nutrients, for women’s health and beauty is good.
6, donkey-hide gelatin,
Gelatin has enhanced physique, improve sleep, brain puzzle, regulate the menstrual function spuc, anti-aging effect, can improve the woman the immunity of the body, and help control because of the circulation of qi and blood, or blood deficiency caused by various diseases, blood, moist skin at the same time.


Four Herbal Soup

Autumn drink soup is the best way of keeping in good health, we are all love to drink soup, when you eat, a bowl of soup is very nutritious.Autumn is very dry, this time we need to eat some runfei food, so for the prevention of disease has played a very good effect.

Apricot sword pig lung soup
Material: south almonds 12 grams, 30 grams of sword spend one (bright sword 250 grams), glazed date 2, 500 g fresh pig lung.
Practice: first the fresh pig lung lavage with clear water clean, cut thick;South almonds slightly immersed in warm water to skin, rinse;Sword flowers washed with clear water infiltration,;After all things ready, south apricot, sword, jujube, pig lung, placed in a pot, add some water, with high heat, first with cook cook for 1 hour, after seasoning.
Efficacy: this soup can summer hot and can runfei cough.Qing dual standby.
Dried vegetables duck kidney jujube soup
Material: kidney four preserved duck, pig  500 grams, 250 grams of cabbage, jujube for four.
A cut: dehydrated vegetables;Preserved duck renal macerated with warm water, cut into pieces.The pig  wash.Put all the materials in a pot, add water right amount, high heat after boiling, slow fire boil for about 2 ~ 3 hours.
Efficacy: dried vegetables can pass the disappear of intestines and stomach, the gas;Chen renal function under the heat gas;And talk on a pig, clearing lung heat, eliminating phlegm fire, the effect of the intestines and stomach, suitable for dry cough without phlegm, pharynx dry mouth, dry, and people of stool stem node.
Siraitia grosvenorii snow pear soup
Material: snow pear, herbal tea, red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, rock candy.
Wash and cut into pieces: snow pear;Herbal tea, red jujube, wolfberry fruit, wash, a small hole in the abstract.Put all these materials and rock sugar in the pot, add water and cook for half an hour.
Efficacy: fructus momordicae snow pear soup, can runfei cough, beauty to raise colour, drink is of great benefit to the body, pear is “hundreds of cases of fruit”, because of its fresh and juicy, sweet, and so there is “natural mineral water,” said.Pear is rich in B vitamins, which can protect the heart, reduce fatigue, expectorant cough, curing sore throat.
Tremella jujube soup
Material: tremella 20 g (about half), red jujube 20, rock candy 60 grams (according to the taste of each add weight reduction).
Practice: put tremella water found on, take off her head, tear into small pieces, with red jujube, rock sugar into the pot, add water bowl, after the fire boil, convert and cook for half an hour, can be shut down.
Efficacy: with a big red jujube soup, in now, red jujube boil soup filling body not only, still can runfei cough, for people with colds cough, drink some red jujube boil soup is very good, the tang dynasty jar is agreeable freedom by the recorded the will effect the book will be red date and tremella soup with rock sugar, can cough runfei.

The methods, functions and effects of ganoderma

The indications of ganoderma:19300001328100131475255444085

It can treat virtual fatigue, cough, asthma, insomnia, indigestion and malignant tumor.  For circulation, it can reduce blood pressure and improve cardiac contraction contractility. For stagnation of chest and heart qi in respiratory system, it can nourish stomach, improve smart and memery. Long-term eating can strengthen body and prevent aging.

Eight functions

1: prevent tumor and improve immunity and regulation.  2. Reduce bloodsugar. 3: protect liver. 4. Prevent aging.5. Eliminate inflammation and stop pain. 6: protect heart 7: prevent grume. 8. Other effects.

Effect of ganoderma is slow, generally effect after taking 3-5 days.  Individual patients will work after to 30-60 days.

  1. ganoderma with other food and medicine can be taken at the same time, no taboo.
  2. ganoderma has curative effect depends on the treatment time, and the curative effect is good. The course of treatment was 1 to 3 months, or 5 to 8 months.
  3. . A few patients taking ganoderma will has slight discomfort, sleep such as gastric tide, dry throat, constipation,and sleepless.
  4. After eating chili and ginger, some people will appear reaction about dry mouth and sore throat. Continuously take, it will disappear. If the individual response is also serious, they can suspend to take. Take intermittent method.
  5. Each time, the stew juice can be repeated to boiling water once with full absorption of the drug.

Ganoderma and tremella soup

Promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, increase blood oxygen supply, and treat vascular sclerosis, hypertension and other diseases. 5 grams of ganoderma, 5 grams of tremella and black fungus, amount of crystal sugar and right amount of rock candy

Method: wash all herbal medicine and cut into pieces. Put into bowl and add rock candy and water and put on steamer to steam. Take soup and eat fungus and tremella. Take over under 1 day. It can be used for a long time.

Ganoderma and jujube soup

Function: it has inhibitory effect on tumor cells.

Materials: 20 grams of ganoderma, 50 grams of jujube, 5 grams of honey.

Method: put herbs into pot to decoct with water. Take boiled liquid in two times, each time for 40 minutes and take juice. After the merger to join some honey.

Ganoderma and Chinese yam soup

Function: promote the blood circulation and improve the ability of pancreatic islet to produce insulin and reduce blood sugar. It is adjuvant therapy for patients with diabetes mellitus.

Material: 15 grams of ganoderma, 30 grams of Chinese yam.

Method: wash the herbs and put into the casserole with water to decoct. Use soft fire to boil for 1 hour, pour out the first decoction, add water, suffering from a second decoction and then take juice.  Combine two decoction and then take. Take it with two times in morning and evening.


Red Dates

1, dates steamed, which can prevent asthma

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the dates have the effect on nursing back to health organs, nourishing blood, invigorating Yang and promote secretion of saliva. Eat dates can play to prevent asthma role well. Asthma patients, especially older patients should adhere to eat steamed dates (eat 5 pieces of bid dates and eat eight pieces of small dates)  to improve the spirit and enhance the body immunity.

2, Jujube’ tea, which can protect throat and benefit qi 

Red dates after frying into black to make tea can cure stomach cold and stomachache. If add the longan, it is a tea of replenishing blood and Qi

3, Jujube soup, which can relieve cough and moisten lung

Materials: tremella: 20 grams (about half a tremella), red dates: 20 grains, rock sugar: 60 grams (according to each of the tastes)

Method: put the tremella into water to soak, pluck pedicle head, tear into small pieces and then put it into the pot with red dates and rock sugar together. Add 6 bowls of water, after firing boil, switch to slow fire to cook for half an hour. Finally it can be stalled.

4 Jujube cook with eggs, which can nourish blood and keep beauty

Red dates and longan cook with brown sugar water, until date become mashed and longan become soft to hit an egg. Then continue to use small fire to warm to make egg boiled. Red dates, longan and brown sugar has the function of enriching blood,so boiled egg is very nourishing.

5,Jujube porridge, which can relax spirit and help sleep

Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, women with symptoms of restlessness and, distraction can be available to use fit amount of lily and lotus to match with red dates to nurse. If boiled with millet together, it can better play effect on relaxing of the red dates.

6,Jujube wine, which can make blood vessel unimpeded

In the process of soaking, rich nutrients of red dates more easily dissolved in the wine. Have some effect on keeping the blood vessel open. To find one that is suitable for one’s own life and the most important thing is health.

7 Jujube soaked in water, which can raise liver and clear toxin

Experiments have proved that people with bad function of liver drink red dates water every day and keep this one week can increase serum protein in the human body so as to achieve the efficacy of clearing liver toxin. The details of soaking a red date determines the level of its efficacy. Peel of red dates is not easy to digest. If the whole red date soaked, it is difficult to completely be dissolve. It would be better to break apart to brew. Also note that the fresh red dates are not suitable to soak or decoct, because it has very high vitamin C content and boiling water will seriously damage the dimension C.

9,Jujube cook with rice, which can prolong life.

Material: 10-20 grams of codonopsis pilosula, 20 grains of dates, 250 grams of rice, 50 grams of sugar.

Methods: decoct codonopsis pilosula and dates with water for half an hour, remove the dregs of codonopsis residue. Then steam glutinous rice, spread dates on rice. Fry soup of dates and codonopsis pilosula into thick juice, and then pour in the rice. Finally